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Buzzing, buzzing, work

Work, work – call me crazy but

Bee butts drive me nuts


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Happy Cicada Friday!

Yesterday evening I found this guy sitting right outside our garage.  He positively sparkled in the late-day sun.  I know it’s a cicada, but not the genus/species – if you know, will you tell me?

This morning he was inside the garage (I’m sensing a theme here…).  Look at those wings!

Several years ago, before we had any landscaping, I noticed we were having a cicada hatching right along our foundation.  I found one little guy about 10 feet away from the house on a dirt slope and sat with him for 30 minutes or so as he dried off (?? I think??) and changed color, but he was green.  If I’m remembering correctly.  And now I have to find those pictures (on the old computer?  Ack!).

TGIF cause I’m ready for the weekend, friends.  Do you have any plans?  I’ll be pre-packing for a short trip Forrest and I are taking to visit extended family in Santa Rosa, CA next weekend, doing some chores around the house, sewing some fabric bags based on these (or maybe this too/instead?), baking something because I have  the  itch (or maybe this, or this, or these), and staying out of the outrageously hot weather we’re having (let’s keep it to 85, Mother Nature.  85 is plenty hot).  And playing with Forrest, of course.  = )

Happy Friday!



Wordless Wednesday



I have no control when it comes to shells and beach treasures.  I MUST collect them when I see them – broken ones with interesting shapes, tiny ones, “perfect” ones, bits of beach glass, seed pods, you name it.  I try to pack a small plastic bag on any trip that will involve walking a beach with the hopes I’ll fill it up with treasure (and still have room to stow it in my luggage!).  This last trip to Maui I found a few treasures while sitting on the rocks with Forrest on Honolua Bay, but then scored one morning on a little no-name beach a short way up from our condo.  Most of these tiny treasures came from there.

Maui shellsMaui shell overviewmaui shell pile

How about you – do you collect?

Happy Tuesday!



Friends, I’ve been off the blog wagon for a couple of weeks now.  Hawaii threw me off my game.  I still need to post about our trip with an almost-2-year-old, but for now, Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Here’s what ours looked like:

We started the weekend with an amazing sunset Thursday night.

Sunset 7.3.14 firstBut wait, it got better! (no filters or editing for either of these)

Sunset 7.3.14Friday morning we were up and out early, heading to St. Paul for the parade and fair.  This was Forrest’s first parade and he seemed to love it – horses!  tractors!  cars! “Another car!” he says.

Parade horsesWe had no idea St. Paul also packed a full fair w/rides and games into the streets around the rodeo arena, but we decided to take a stroll around there after the parade.  Had a darn good corn dog there, too.

Forrest had his first pony ride and it was a rousing success.  He was calm, smiling, and said several times after, “Ride nucera!” while patting his chest (nucera is his word for horse, which I believe comes from unicorn but who knows? He doggedly calls his blankets “kehbie” too).

He wasn’t so sure about the bulls, though.

Saturday we all packed into “Dada truck!” and delivered a futon to one house, then picked up a bed and antique furniture at another.  We came home to a visitor in the back yard, enjoying the shade and the cool dirt.

backyard deerSunday morning the does were out with their little spotted fawns – first time we’ve seen them in daylight and they never stop being too cute for words), my parents visited for a while, then Forrest got to dine alfresco before getting his truck on in the driveway, then being forced by me to go to bed at a decent hour.  This kid will stay up as long as you let him, and wants to sleep in forever too.

Dining alfresco 23 monthsImportant workBasically our weekend rocked.  Forrest is open to try about anything, easy-going, and happy to travel as long as we have crackers and his water.  At 23-months he’s talking up a storm, goes boldly into the wilderness outside (there’s been more than once we’ve said to each other “have you seen Forrest?” while outside), will still eat about anything as long as we’re eating it too, loves to be tickled, is in a phase of crashing cars and yelling “boom!” each time, LOVED the little poppers he could throw on the ground and was okay with the fireworks as long as they weren’t too loud (“Loud!” he says)… he runs everywhere, has shown a new appreciation for music and will dance any chance he gets.  I could go on and on with the love-fest because we feel soooo blessed to have him in our life.  He’s the best.  And he’ll be 2 at the end of the month – where has the time gone?  Really, where?



Wordless Wednesday

Sunset 6.22.14Sunset 6.23.14Sunset 6.25.14

(Sunset over Molokai.  Pure beauty on a nightly basis = bliss.)




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