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Tiny Treasures Tuesday

It’s Tiny Treasures Tuesday!  In honor of Earth Day, I’d like to share some of my recent adventures in macro iPhone photography.  Have you tried it yet?  The biggest challenge is holding still well enough, with the phone close enough, to get a clear shot…. I didn’t entirely succeed with all of these but I think they make interesting studies in abstract anyway.  And I’m sure there’s at least one tiny spot in focus.  = )

White tulip detail Red tulip abstract too White tulip abstract Red tulip abstract Yellow tulip abstract

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Friday!  The sun is shining today (rain tomorrow), Forrest and I had a great time singing Wheels on the Bus on the way in to daycare/work, we’ll be spending time with family this weekend for Easter (and missing the other half of the family this year), and there’s a bouquet of tulips and a large bowl of candy on my desk (candy is for the office… uh-hunh…).  It’s a great start to the weekend.

I’ll be sprinkling my work day with a few visits to my favorite blogs and sites.  Care to join me?

  • If you want to rock your world, read this today.
  • If you want to explore a bunch of fun new things, go check out Tracy’s Friday lists.  She finds the most interesting things on the Internet.  Peruse her recipes, too – do it.
  • Another of my favorite Friday lists is here.  Also great recipes.
  • Need a creative boost?  Or some fabulous eye-candy?  Alisa has you covered.
  • I want to grow up to have this much spunk at this age.  I WILL grow up to have this much spunk at this age.
  • Erin’s letters to Bee inspired me to start monthly letters to/about Forrest (you know, I think I forgot last month!)  Always a good read on this site, and her other one.  Or wherever else you can find her – Erin is prolific!
  • Food porn in the best possible way, with more than a few dashes of humor: Deb, Joy, Bev, Molly, Kate and Sara,.  I was going to add there are many cute babies in this group too, but that seems inappropriate when I wrote the word porn at the beginning…

I so totally crush on these ladies.  Kisses!

Happy Friday, and Happy Easter if that’s your jam.  Try to save some candy for the little ones.  = )




Sunrise 4.15.14Sunset 4.11.14



Tiny bird skullWe were playing outside with Forrest yesterday evening, before the sun went down completely and the wind kicked up.  We have a big blue beach ball that we throw waaay up high, and he giggles and chases it and tries to throw it too.  Or we kick it around.  Or toss the frisbee around.

As we were getting ready to go inside this tiny little treasure caught my eye, at the base of a growing fern.  Just sitting there.  It’s so light the breeze wanted to blow it right off my hand.

I love these tiny treasures.  And since my evenings these days only have a tiny amount of time, I’ll be working on my own tiny treasures going forward – little hand projects, paper collages and cards, jewelry, sketches, etc.  Little things that take a small amount of time, and will probably be small themselves.  I’ll share them on Tiny Treasures Tuesday.

I’m sure pictures of my tiny natural treasures will make their way here, too (yes, including my tiny man).  And haikus – tiny little thought poems.  Lots of Tiny Treasures.

Care to join me?  If so, link up so I can find you!


These days I draw many “bumbees” for Forrest to color.

Tiny bumbee fly

Up high in a rainbow sky

Buzzing with color



Yup, life is a little blurry right now.  Out of focus.  Full of beauty still, but in a fuzzy fashion.

It’s a lack of direction.  A stuck-in-a-spot-ness.  An overwhelming desire to be pregnant again but a life that’s currently conspiring NOT to make that happen, and a bio-logical clock that says now or never, girl, you aren’t getting any younger.  We aren’t getting any younger.

It’s having a 20-month-old toddler who’s very active, busy, talkative (though we can’t understand him when he’s chattering at us, not quite yet!) and wants us to be part of it all.  He loves to color but wants us to color too, and draw pictures that he can color.  I bought an awesome little table & chairs set at Ikea that he rarely uses because he’d rather be sitting on someone’s lap.  I can’t blame him.

It’s working in an office that’s crazy-busy, but not so much for me.  Our methods have changed over the last year or so, with so much going out digitally instead of on paper, so that part of my job has gone away almost entirely.

It’s wanting a new purse/bag.  Girls, you know this one, right?  You have a purse/bag that’s working but it no longer makes you happy, but you don’t want to just buy any old thing because you want some specific features (without paying an arm and a leg), something different that you aren’t finding so you keep telling yourself (okay, maybe this part is just me), “I can make one!” but your weekends are full and by the time your very active toddler is in bed at night you lack the energy to start a new project…

Or the energy to exercise…

Or the energy to pull on my creative pants and do something…

I know Mars is in retrograde, I know this is just a phase, I know we’ll get pregnant or we won’t and either way is really, truly OK… but life is a blur right now.  So I’ll continue moving ahead with care until I can see clearly where I need to go.







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