On Saturday I left the toddler at home with daddy and escaped to the Oregon Coast for some me-time.  Aaaaahhhhh.  Bliss.  Recharging, rejuvenating, relaxing, salt-kissed bliss.  I forget how much I miss the ocean until I spend some time with my toes in the cold waves again, gathering bits and pieces of the sea by hand and by camera, smiling like a loon.  Breathing deep.  Enjoying the sun and the waves.  Bliss, I tell you.

I scored a pile of whole sand dollars on this trip, along with some great driftwood pieces to decorate with at home, a couple of fish vertebrae, perfect little muscle shells and bits and bobs of other shells that caught my eye.  I saw the sunset in a seashell, too.

My best treasure of the day (aside from TIME ALONE AT THE COAST) is the hardest kind to find, especially if you aren’t in *just* the right place with just the right tide:

Tiny sand dollarA tiny, perfect, whole sand dollar.  Absolute ocean gold in my eyes.  When I find it (somewhere in storage at home), I’ll show you the one I found, many years ago, that’s even smaller.

Happy Tuesday, friends.  What’s your tiny treasure?



Wordless Wednesday




With queen’s grace she danced

On delicate blossoms, in

A twilight splendor



Happy Friday!

In the woods

Last Sunday Forrest and I took a short trip over to the Oregon Coast.  We played on Whispering Rocks beach for a bit (home of my heart/this heart), trying to find whole sand dollars, dodging waves and throwing rocks in the surf.  Forrest doesn’t like to be in the water but LOVES if I’ll carry him so he can watch the cold waves smash my ankles, so we did some of that, too.   Then we drove into the incredibly-crowded town of Seaside (I totally forgot how crazy that place can get in summer, especially when there’s some sort of volleyball tournament going on too) for lunch, then headed home before the crowds decided to join us.  It was short and sweet and I found myself smiling almost the entire time we were there – I forget how much the ocean speaks to my soul until we meet again.

This weekend we’ll head to Salem for my dad’s birthday and  I need to catch up on neglected housework.  Or we might squeeze in a trip to the zoo tomorrow if we can get out early enough.  What about you?

Happy Friday, gang.  Have a good weekend, too.  = )



Wordless Wednesday

Forrest and Kate 2 years



Tiny Treasures Tuesday

Whispering Heart rock

I collect heart rocks.  I’m certainly not alone in that.  But this one didn’t come home with me – I already had a large hunk of driftwood in my backpack and the need to carry my 29-pound toddler up a tricky homemade driftwood “stairway” (HA!) on the way out of the beach.  So.  This not-so-tiny heart rock treasure stayed there.  I just might find it again someday, when my backpack isn’t as full.

Happy Tuesday!



Riding the quad 2 years

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to record these here (this was a good reminder), but Forrest is talking more and more these days, and he says the cutest things – as all toddlers do, right?  Sometimes I’m blown away that he got the concept, others I realize it’s something I say, but it’s almost always too cute to believe.  This is long, but I want to record everything I can think of right now!

  • Kibehs (kib-bey) – his blankets
  • Meena and Ampa – Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Nokeys – horses (short for nucora, his version of Unicorn)
  • Loud Big Bicycles – motorcycles, quads, even his tricycle
  • When he woke up as I was driving Matt’s dodge 4×4 diesel truck home from the airport at 4:00am on Monday morning, he said “Momma driving big truck!
  • Too heavy! – If he’s having difficulty with something – taking his shoe off, pulling a toy from a pile, opening a container, carrying or lifting something
  • ‘Mon, Momma – Any time he wants us to go somewhere with him, while waving his arm in a big circle.  If you don’t come fast enough he’s been known to run over and start pulling on whatever he can reach, or say “Get down” while pointing at the ground if you’re still sitting on the couch.
  • Baby Einstein DVDs are “BaBa’s” – Ella Baba (Baby Noah), Bear Baba (Baby Mozart), Turtle Baba (Baby Neptune), Old McDonald Baba (enough said), all based on the picture on the front cover.  Lately he’s been looking at the back cover too to decide which one he wants to watch.
  • Too hot! – automatically says about many foods, then immediately says Not too hot if it’s something that’s not hot.  This applies to the bath, too.
  • Sings All. The. Time.  Twinkle Twinkle, the naming song from school, Old McDonald, something to the Frere Jacques tune that I can’t understand, part of the ABC song, Wheels on the Bus, Ring Around the Rosy, and he often sings in numbers to familiar tunes (to Frere Jacques, would sing “2,3,4! 5 and 6! 7,8,9 and 10!”).  I’ve been singing Bushel and a Peck (Guys and Dolls version) since he was tiny so sometimes he sings “Bookle Peck” at the top of his lungs, too.
  • Likes to name the actions around him – Dancing! (while moving his arms around), Running! (while pumping his arms, though he doesn’t actually pump his arms yet when he runs – when does that start??), Holding Hands!, Big Jump! (when stepping up or down a curb, at the bottom of the stairs…), Momma Driving!, Riding Dadda’s Big Truck!
  • Says Yeah to almost any question, except “Is your diaper wet/dirty?” which is almost always No.  A very innocent No.
  • Knows what “other side” means and uses it in a variety of situations.
  • REALLY Big Ball! – about the red balls outside Target.
  • Has developed a recent love for all things Big Trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, big airplanes, tractors (shouting them out as they go by), and always points out Lots of Big Trucks when we drive by the motorhome dealership.  I got incredibly excited yesterday on the way in to daycare/work when we saw a dump truck hauling a tractor (dump truck tractor!), because we saw one a few days ago and he had been asking about it – I’m pretty sure I clapped and squealed.  This morning he was incredibly excited about the Big Lellow Dump Truck across the intersection because we were both stopped at the light so he could look all he wanted at it, and I was too slow to get a video (darnit!).
  • Loud Big Airplane comes up in conversation because he’s been on one and wants to go again. He’s currently saying Dadda loud airplane – alaka! since Daddy is currently fishing in Alaska and we have to talk about that a lot.
  • Where’s Borrest? – when he’s playing peekaboo, though now he’ll say it then throw off the blanket and say Right Heeere!
  • The usuals – waffle, milk, moner (water), cracker, hummu (hummus), chips, cheese, apple, but also knows Momma coffee in the morning or Dadda milk at night, while Matt is having a drink
  • Kate! Here! just about any time he sees the poor dog for the first time.  She’ll come for him now, too.  = )

Okay, I could go on but this is getting obnoxious.  What are/were some of your favorite first words and phrases??



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