Happy Friday!!

Pizza paradise 2 yrs

On this last Friday of summer (okay, I know that’s not a factual statement but school starts next week so really, it’s true…), as the sun isn’t shining, I want to wish you a Happy Friday and a Fabulous Weekend.  Forrest and I will be dance-partying at a local cafe, maybe taking a trip with Daddy to the Oregon State Fair, probably eating pizza again (a staple in our home), running, playing, squealing, throwing, crashing, and hopefully  not saying “Oh, crap” again, though we’re not entirely sure he said that – I want to believe he said “Oh.  Crash” when his shoe fell off his lap.  Yeah, that’s it.

We’ll also be hanging out and relaxing.  This past week has been a busy one, with a trip to the fair with Grandma and Aunt Dani and the OAT cousins, driving a tractor with Daddy at Charlie’s farm (and he got to steer, too.  In fact he demanded to steer, pushing Daddy’s hands away each time and saying “no-no, Dadda!” when Matt tried to help), new and exciting apps on the iPad that can’t be part of our bedtime routine any more because they’re too exciting… good times.  I moved stuff around in Forrest’s someday-big-boy room so now I really need/want to get his someday-big-boy tractor bed painted so we can move him in there and I can have my studio back and Matt can have is bonus room back.  Ah, the good times never end!

So.  Happy Friday!  Happy Fabulous Weekend!  May yours be as full of joy and wonder and crashes and bangs and items crossed off the never-ending list as ours.

= )



Wordless Wednesday



On Saturday I left the toddler at home with daddy and escaped to the Oregon Coast for some me-time.  Aaaaahhhhh.  Bliss.  Recharging, rejuvenating, relaxing, salt-kissed bliss.  I forget how much I miss the ocean until I spend some time with my toes in the cold waves again, gathering bits and pieces of the sea by hand and by camera, smiling like a loon.  Breathing deep.  Enjoying the sun and the waves.  Bliss, I tell you.

I scored a pile of whole sand dollars on this trip, along with some great driftwood pieces to decorate with at home, a couple of fish vertebrae, perfect little muscle shells and bits and bobs of other shells that caught my eye.  I saw the sunset in a seashell, too.

My best treasure of the day (aside from TIME ALONE AT THE COAST) is the hardest kind to find, especially if you aren’t in *just* the right place with just the right tide:

Tiny sand dollarA tiny, perfect, whole sand dollar.  Absolute ocean gold in my eyes.  When I find it (somewhere in storage at home), I’ll show you the one I found, many years ago, that’s even smaller.

Happy Tuesday, friends.  What’s your tiny treasure?



Wordless Wednesday




With queen’s grace she danced

On delicate blossoms, in

A twilight splendor



Happy Friday!

In the woods

Last Sunday Forrest and I took a short trip over to the Oregon Coast.  We played on Whispering Rocks beach for a bit (home of my heart/this heart), trying to find whole sand dollars, dodging waves and throwing rocks in the surf.  Forrest doesn’t like to be in the water but LOVES if I’ll carry him so he can watch the cold waves smash my ankles, so we did some of that, too.   Then we drove into the incredibly-crowded town of Seaside (I totally forgot how crazy that place can get in summer, especially when there’s some sort of volleyball tournament going on too) for lunch, then headed home before the crowds decided to join us.  It was short and sweet and I found myself smiling almost the entire time we were there – I forget how much the ocean speaks to my soul until we meet again.

This weekend we’ll head to Salem for my dad’s birthday and  I need to catch up on neglected housework.  Or we might squeeze in a trip to the zoo tomorrow if we can get out early enough.  What about you?

Happy Friday, gang.  Have a good weekend, too.  = )



Wordless Wednesday

Forrest and Kate 2 years




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