Deep Thoughts Thursday

Clouds and rainbows


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

- Albert Einstein



This really struck a cord.  Thinking deeply about this one….




Sunset 10.20.14



Tiny Treasures Tuesday

10.20.14 Rainbow

The brightest rainbow I ever did see graced the skies yesterday on the way home from work.  This brilliant swatch of color came after a double rainbow show (can you see the barest echo of that double, to the right?).  Absolutely amazing.

Here’s to some gold at the end of every day!


Happy Monday!

Forrest 2 yrs 2.5 months

I have just a few recent photos of Forrest – he’s 2 years 2 1/2 months old and he moves so fast these days it’s hard to get something that isn’t blurry.  Perhaps I should post some of those, just because that’s his current state of being…

Last weekend I offered him a bite of my sandwich and he ate half.  Half!  And some chips.  He’ll eat just about everything (turned his nose up at curried chicken soup though!), in rather large quantities some days, but since he’s always moving I can’t blame him.  He has to do something to fill that 31 pound, 37″ plus frame!

Forrest 2 yrs 1.5 mo

Last night we had a house full of family over to celebrate Matt’s birthday, including Forrest’s beloved cousins Tato and Tony.  The three of them, at 2, 6 and 8, are a force to be reckoned with – always moving fast, always playing with the next toy, always pushing the limits of what they’re allowed to do, always B.O.Y.S.  We wouldn’t change it for the world but there’s no letting the boys go off to play outside unless you check on them *frequently* to keep their boy impulses in line (no, you can’t push Forrest down the steep, muddy hill on his baby quad.  No, you can’t jump down 3 stairs because Forrest will try to do it too…).

At the end of the evening they were running high-speed circuits through the downstairs area, weaving around toys and furniture and adults, and my little man just about killed me with unexpected sweetness.  The first was a hug on the fly, as he slowed just enough to throw his arms around my neck before racing off again.  The second time I thought he was coming in for another hug but instead he stopped long enough to grab my cheeks and pull my head down to kiss my nose.  That was a first but I hope it’s not the last.

He’s so sweet it makes my heart ache.  I absolutely encourage all the “boy” he wants to be but I hope he keeps some of the sweet, too.  At least for his Momma.

Happy Monday, friends!





Mushroom cap umbrella

Umbrellas springing

Up overnight to shade the

Little worlds below



Sunrise 10.7.14Sunset 10.7.14Sunrise 10.8.14Sunrise too 10.8.14Moonset 10.8.14




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