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First big boy haircut 27 months

  • If it’s raining don’t hide from it, don’t run from it.  There’s water falling from the sky, isn’t that amazing?  Tilt your head back and enjoy it!  Take a drink.  Catch some raindrops.  Smile.
  • If you have the chance to hop on your bike and race down the sidewalk, do it.  Even when mom says we have to go.  And run everywhere.  And stomp through all the dry leaves and puddles.  Laugh.
  •  When you say sorry to someone pat them gently on the shoulder.  Repeat it in case they didn’t hear you the first time.  Throw in a love-love if that seems right.  Hug.
  • There is time to dance with Billy Beatz in the morning before school.  Yes, there is – come on Momma!  Dance.
  • It sucks royally when you don’t get your way and sometimes you need to pout or throw yourself down on the ground for a little time out.  Take that time, then let it go and move on with your day.  Don’t hold on to any of that stuff (anger, disappointment) either.  Let it go.

Happy Friday, friends.  Smile.  Laugh.  Hug.  Dance.  Let it go.  And have a great weekend.



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Happy Monday!

Forrest 2 yrs 2.5 months

I have just a few recent photos of Forrest – he’s 2 years 2 1/2 months old and he moves so fast these days it’s hard to get something that isn’t blurry.  Perhaps I should post some of those, just because that’s his current state of being…

Last weekend I offered him a bite of my sandwich and he ate half.  Half!  And some chips.  He’ll eat just about everything (turned his nose up at curried chicken soup though!), in rather large quantities some days, but since he’s always moving I can’t blame him.  He has to do something to fill that 31 pound, 37″ plus frame!

Forrest 2 yrs 1.5 mo

Last night we had a house full of family over to celebrate Matt’s birthday, including Forrest’s beloved cousins Tato and Tony.  The three of them, at 2, 6 and 8, are a force to be reckoned with – always moving fast, always playing with the next toy, always pushing the limits of what they’re allowed to do, always B.O.Y.S.  We wouldn’t change it for the world but there’s no letting the boys go off to play outside unless you check on them *frequently* to keep their boy impulses in line (no, you can’t push Forrest down the steep, muddy hill on his baby quad.  No, you can’t jump down 3 stairs because Forrest will try to do it too…).

At the end of the evening they were running high-speed circuits through the downstairs area, weaving around toys and furniture and adults, and my little man just about killed me with unexpected sweetness.  The first was a hug on the fly, as he slowed just enough to throw his arms around my neck before racing off again.  The second time I thought he was coming in for another hug but instead he stopped long enough to grab my cheeks and pull my head down to kiss my nose.  That was a first but I hope it’s not the last.

He’s so sweet it makes my heart ache.  I absolutely encourage all the “boy” he wants to be but I hope he keeps some of the sweet, too.  At least for his Momma.

Happy Monday, friends!



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Pizza paradise 2 yrs

On this last Friday of summer (okay, I know that’s not a factual statement but school starts next week so really, it’s true…), as the sun isn’t shining, I want to wish you a Happy Friday and a Fabulous Weekend.  Forrest and I will be dance-partying at a local cafe, maybe taking a trip with Daddy to the Oregon State Fair, probably eating pizza again (a staple in our home), running, playing, squealing, throwing, crashing, and hopefully  not saying “Oh, crap” again, though we’re not entirely sure he said that – I want to believe he said “Oh.  Crash” when his shoe fell off his lap.  Yeah, that’s it.

We’ll also be hanging out and relaxing.  This past week has been a busy one, with a trip to the fair with Grandma and Aunt Dani and the OAT cousins, driving a tractor with Daddy at Charlie’s farm (and he got to steer, too.  In fact he demanded to steer, pushing Daddy’s hands away each time and saying “no-no, Dadda!” when Matt tried to help), new and exciting apps on the iPad that can’t be part of our bedtime routine any more because they’re too exciting… good times.  I moved stuff around in Forrest’s someday-big-boy room so now I really need/want to get his someday-big-boy tractor bed painted so we can move him in there and I can have my studio back and Matt can have is bonus room back.  Ah, the good times never end!

So.  Happy Friday!  Happy Fabulous Weekend!  May yours be as full of joy and wonder and crashes and bangs and items crossed off the never-ending list as ours.

= )



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Forrest and Kate 2 years



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Riding the quad 2 years

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to record these here (this was a good reminder), but Forrest is talking more and more these days, and he says the cutest things – as all toddlers do, right?  Sometimes I’m blown away that he got the concept, others I realize it’s something I say, but it’s almost always too cute to believe.  This is long, but I want to record everything I can think of right now!

  • Kibehs (kib-bey) – his blankets
  • Meena and Ampa – Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Nokeys – horses (short for nucora, his version of Unicorn)
  • Loud Big Bicycles – motorcycles, quads, even his tricycle
  • When he woke up as I was driving Matt’s dodge 4×4 diesel truck home from the airport at 4:00am on Monday morning, he said “Momma driving big truck!
  • Too heavy! – If he’s having difficulty with something – taking his shoe off, pulling a toy from a pile, opening a container, carrying or lifting something
  • ‘Mon, Momma – Any time he wants us to go somewhere with him, while waving his arm in a big circle.  If you don’t come fast enough he’s been known to run over and start pulling on whatever he can reach, or say “Get down” while pointing at the ground if you’re still sitting on the couch.
  • Baby Einstein DVDs are “BaBa’s” – Ella Baba (Baby Noah), Bear Baba (Baby Mozart), Turtle Baba (Baby Neptune), Old McDonald Baba (enough said), all based on the picture on the front cover.  Lately he’s been looking at the back cover too to decide which one he wants to watch.
  • Too hot! – automatically says about many foods, then immediately says Not too hot if it’s something that’s not hot.  This applies to the bath, too.
  • Sings All. The. Time.  Twinkle Twinkle, the naming song from school, Old McDonald, something to the Frere Jacques tune that I can’t understand, part of the ABC song, Wheels on the Bus, Ring Around the Rosy, and he often sings in numbers to familiar tunes (to Frere Jacques, would sing “2,3,4! 5 and 6! 7,8,9 and 10!”).  I’ve been singing Bushel and a Peck (Guys and Dolls version) since he was tiny so sometimes he sings “Bookle Peck” at the top of his lungs, too.
  • Likes to name the actions around him – Dancing! (while moving his arms around), Running! (while pumping his arms, though he doesn’t actually pump his arms yet when he runs – when does that start??), Holding Hands!, Big Jump! (when stepping up or down a curb, at the bottom of the stairs…), Momma Driving!, Riding Dadda’s Big Truck!
  • Says Yeah to almost any question, except “Is your diaper wet/dirty?” which is almost always No.  A very innocent No.
  • Knows what “other side” means and uses it in a variety of situations.
  • REALLY Big Ball! – about the red balls outside Target.
  • Has developed a recent love for all things Big Trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, big airplanes, tractors (shouting them out as they go by), and always points out Lots of Big Trucks when we drive by the motorhome dealership.  I got incredibly excited yesterday on the way in to daycare/work when we saw a dump truck hauling a tractor (dump truck tractor!), because we saw one a few days ago and he had been asking about it – I’m pretty sure I clapped and squealed.  This morning he was incredibly excited about the Big Lellow Dump Truck across the intersection because we were both stopped at the light so he could look all he wanted at it, and I was too slow to get a video (darnit!).
  • Loud Big Airplane comes up in conversation because he’s been on one and wants to go again. He’s currently saying Dadda loud airplane – alaka! since Daddy is currently fishing in Alaska and we have to talk about that a lot.
  • Where’s Borrest? – when he’s playing peekaboo, though now he’ll say it then throw off the blanket and say Right Heeere!
  • The usuals – waffle, milk, moner (water), cracker, hummu (hummus), chips, cheese, apple, but also knows Momma coffee in the morning or Dadda milk at night, while Matt is having a drink
  • Kate! Here! just about any time he sees the poor dog for the first time.  She’ll come for him now, too.  = )

Okay, I could go on but this is getting obnoxious.  What are/were some of your favorite first words and phrases??


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Friends, I’ve been off the blog wagon for a couple of weeks now.  Hawaii threw me off my game.  I still need to post about our trip with an almost-2-year-old, but for now, Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Here’s what ours looked like:

We started the weekend with an amazing sunset Thursday night.

Sunset 7.3.14 firstBut wait, it got better! (no filters or editing for either of these)

Sunset 7.3.14Friday morning we were up and out early, heading to St. Paul for the parade and fair.  This was Forrest’s first parade and he seemed to love it – horses!  tractors!  cars! “Another car!” he says.

Parade horsesWe had no idea St. Paul also packed a full fair w/rides and games into the streets around the rodeo arena, but we decided to take a stroll around there after the parade.  Had a darn good corn dog there, too.

Forrest had his first pony ride and it was a rousing success.  He was calm, smiling, and said several times after, “Ride nucera!” while patting his chest (nucera is his word for horse, which I believe comes from unicorn but who knows? He doggedly calls his blankets “kehbie” too).

He wasn’t so sure about the bulls, though.

Saturday we all packed into “Dada truck!” and delivered a futon to one house, then picked up a bed and antique furniture at another.  We came home to a visitor in the back yard, enjoying the shade and the cool dirt.

backyard deerSunday morning the does were out with their little spotted fawns – first time we’ve seen them in daylight and they never stop being too cute for words), my parents visited for a while, then Forrest got to dine alfresco before getting his truck on in the driveway, then being forced by me to go to bed at a decent hour.  This kid will stay up as long as you let him, and wants to sleep in forever too.

Dining alfresco 23 monthsImportant workBasically our weekend rocked.  Forrest is open to try about anything, easy-going, and happy to travel as long as we have crackers and his water.  At 23-months he’s talking up a storm, goes boldly into the wilderness outside (there’s been more than once we’ve said to each other “have you seen Forrest?” while outside), will still eat about anything as long as we’re eating it too, loves to be tickled, is in a phase of crashing cars and yelling “boom!” each time, LOVED the little poppers he could throw on the ground and was okay with the fireworks as long as they weren’t too loud (“Loud!” he says)… he runs everywhere, has shown a new appreciation for music and will dance any chance he gets.  I could go on and on with the love-fest because we feel soooo blessed to have him in our life.  He’s the best.  And he’ll be 2 at the end of the month – where has the time gone?  Really, where?



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Last week was a tough way to ring in 22 months of age – I was sick, Forrest was sicker, and we spent the week sitting on the couch watching stupid TV and sleeping as much as possible.  Forrest is a clingy little sick guy!  But he’s still, and always will be, my best Tiny Treasure.

Throwing rocks 22 moDespite throwing gravel everywhere…

Toy fort 22 moCurrent favorite fort.  I need to make him a real blanket fort/tepee; I think he’s of a good age to enjoy it now.

Bathroom band 22 moThe bathroom band kept him occupied while Momma showered.  (Thanks Connor and Sean for the toys!)

Cracker comforts 22 monthsSome days his only comfort was these crackers.  Poor baby.

Bathroom nap 22 moOne bathroom nap was to be had on Sunday morning.  He woke up smiling and playing, which was a first for the week.

Cracker toes 22 moFeeling good again, finally, so of course it’s time for “cracker toes.”  He says from the backseat “No cracker toes?”  I usually laugh while I repeat “no cracker toes” but then tell him to knock himself out.  They’re his toes, after all!

Sliding 22 moHe slides on his own now!  Man, this kid is growing fast.  He won’t be a tiny treasure for long.  = )




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Forrest here.  Since I’m 21-months-old now I feel I’m able to contribute to this blog – or at least that’s what I tried to tell momma, but I’m no sure she understood me.  She gives me this blank look sometimes – what, honey? she says.  Repeating it usually doesn’t help.  And how does she not understand that “nuchora” means horse?! [Mom here.  He used to call horses “neighs,” but this new word is driving me nuts.  A garbled “unicorn?”  Maybe; his art from school last week included a pic of a unicorn… sigh…]

The weekend flew by as usual, with a visit to the pool (swim lessons start tonight!), swinging at the playground, lots of errands with Momma, playing with Dada, trying to sit/lie on the dog, throwing balls “up high!” whenever possible, eating like a linebacker with lots of snacks too (“nack!  nack!”), coloring on the chair again even though I said No-no first (momma wasn’t happy – she took away my crayons and made me play with cars), incredible amounts of “wahwer” falling from the sky on Sunday afternoon, a nap I didn’t want to take, and running from diaper changes and pajamas whenever possible.  Here’s the weekend according to Mom’s iPhone:

With momma

I love “outsie!”

With daddy

Have hat, have glasses, ready for Hawaii.

Ball ball

Best. Ball. Ever.

feeding squirrels

Hi “querwhel”!

tossing rocks with daddy

Shootin’ the breeze. Throwing “wocks.”

Hangin with daddy

Frozen is ok, but it’s no Ba-Ba.



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Blowing seeds - almost 21 mo

Last night you woke up with fever dreams, yelling “Light! Light” as soon as I walked in your room but no, it was 2:00am and there was no way I was going to turn on a light.  So I picked you up, all long and lean 26 pounds of you and you flopped limp like spaghetti on my shoulder as I grabbed a blankie to drape your shoulders.  I stood there rocking a few moments, avoiding the piles of foam letters on the floor from earlier because they’re loud as they drag and bump and debating if I should clean off the rocker with my foot because I left it full of fabric and yarn while you destroyed the foam-letter floor earlier, or if we should go out to sit on the couch in the other room until you settled back in to sleep.  We went out to the couch, you and I in the wee hours of morning, trying to find a comfortable spot and the right level of covers as I fretted that you were so very warm, little guy, and you snorted your way through your current cold.  I dozed for a bit, waking up to your relative calm so I gathered you up and stood to take you back to your room – you burst out with a string of gibberish and waving arms, but you still went back to bed, wiggling around a couple of times and fretting a bit yourself until you dropped off and I went back to bed  at 3:45.  30 minutes later you were crying again but you stopped by the time I dragged on clothes and made it back to your room to tiptoe in (avoiding the piles of foam letters that are almost invisible under dim night lights) and check on you.  Then I went out to sleep the next hour on the couch before my day was scheduled to begin.

We’re off for an adventure this weekend, staying in a hotel in Seaside so Mommy can spend a day painting tomorrow with Alisa.  I’m so excited.  I’m wondering how you and  your Daddy will fare together for the day, without all the comforts of home, and debating how much reminding I should do about activities and eating and sunscreen.  He’s a good Daddy, he’ll figure it out.  We dropped Kate the Dog off at the kennel this morning and you spent the rest of the drive in to daycare asking every so often, “Dog-dog?  Dog-dog?”  So we told you each time She’s at doggy daycare, playing with all of her friends! but I’m not sure you believed us.

As you approach 21-months-old you’re becoming daily your own little person, a real person separate from Mommy and Daddy and Baby.  You tell us about your day so often and we can almost, just about understand you some of the time.  You LOVE to “coror” with a passion, wanting us to draw stars and bumble bees that you can scribble over with glee.  And after getting in trouble for coloring on the chair you tell me now “no, no coror” while you point to the chair and do it again.  Of course.  You’ve finally started saying no when you don’t want something and nodding yes when you do.  I’m sorry we don’t always listen to your No but I hope you’ll understand one day that we listened when we could and didn’t when we couldn’t.  I promise we have your best interest to heart.

Here’s to a weekend adventure, baby boy.  Here’s to a Happy Friday and a Happy Day of Painting and Playing tomorrow.  We love you.

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sleeping baby 20 months

I can’t help loving

His sweet, pouty sleeping lips,

His lashes for days



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