Spring is in the air

Spring is almost a month away but the trees and daffodils and helebore are blooming, the robins are calling each morning, and blue skies are a welcome sight.  It’s my very most favoritest month:

Spring blossoms branch 2.25.16 Spring blossoms III 2.25.16 Spring blossoms II 2.25.16 Plum blossoms 2.25.16 Spring blossoms 2.25.16

Happy Friday!

My Mandala Monday

Mandala 27 crop

I’m making an effort to enter my studio every day – part of living up to this year’s word Move and my continuing goal to Create Daily – even if all I do is clear out some clutter and stare at pretty paper.  I’m there.  And every once in a while I get the urge to do something completely different than what I intended and that’s completely okay.  I have several “Christmas” packages I meant to get out before now – hah! – but instead I found myself on Friday evening grabbing a compass, protractor, straight edge, pencil, pen and eraser, and drawing a mandala instead.

And I left my studio a while later feeling uplifted and accomplished, useful, and creative.  Can’t pass that up for anything.

Happy Mandala Monday!




Sunrise 1.6.16 - C

(no filters, no adjustments.  Taken with my new Canon Rebel T5.  Makes my heart pound)



Snow and Ice


Can i break them

Well golly 2016, that was unexpected.  Saturday was sunny (but not warm), then you gave us snow on Sunday.  And ice on Monday.  What a way to start the year.

Snowy thyme trees Icy thyme trees Spores Ice chandalier Captured Fir Snow caterpillar Grass



Well Hello, 2016

Sunlit moss 1.1.16

My word for the year is Move – movement, motion, no more letting myself get “stuck” in anything, keep dancing, keep creating, keep taking those steps every day to do the things that make me feel good…  Push forward when necessary, float gently when necessary, run and jump and leap to grab what I need when necessary.  Move.

Blurred forest 1.1.16

Last year my word was Allow, which deserves its own post, but I also adopted the mantra Live Love – I’ll be keeping that one, likely forever, and adding another: Create Daily.  Anything.  If nothing physical, then create beautiful thoughts in my head.  Push out all the crap.  And post more often; I’ve turned to Instagram to share the pictures but I finally realized I’ve been missing the story telling, too.  So, more posts this year will be part of my Create Daily.

Sunlit moss too 1.1.16

These three photos are among the first 20 I’ve taken with my new Canon Rebel T5 (I have a feeling we’ll be fast friends as we get to know each other a little better).  Photos taken yesterday, edited and posted today – Create Daily, days one and two – check!

Hello, 2016.  Nice to meet you.  Let’s be friends.  I have a feeling we have a lot to do together this year.

: )



Merry Christmas!

Mandala 23 snowflake

My days have been full – of work, of mothering and wife-ing, of baking, of chores, of holiday cheer – so I know I’ll forget to come back on Friday to say:

Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be healthy, cheerful and bright.  May you have all you need and then some.  May you share your extras – wealth, cheer, food.  May you go into the new year with a glad and optimistic heart.

I know I will.  = )




Blurry drop



Mandala 19.1



Wordless Wednesday

Sunrise with Venus 10.27.15Sunrise with Venus blur



Wordless Wednesday

Scarlet leaf 2015October sunsetOctober sunset to the NW