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Yesterday evening I found this guy sitting right outside our garage.  He positively sparkled in the late-day sun.  I know it’s a cicada, but not the genus/species – if you know, will you tell me?

This morning he was inside the garage (I’m sensing a theme here…).  Look at those wings!

Several years ago, before we had any landscaping, I noticed we were having a cicada hatching right along our foundation.  I found one little guy about 10 feet away from the house on a dirt slope and sat with him for 30 minutes or so as he dried off (?? I think??) and changed color, but he was green.  If I’m remembering correctly.  And now I have to find those pictures (on the old computer?  Ack!).

TGIF cause I’m ready for the weekend, friends.  Do you have any plans?  I’ll be pre-packing for a short trip Forrest and I are taking to visit extended family in Santa Rosa, CA next weekend, doing some chores around the house, sewing some fabric bags based on these (or maybe this too/instead?), baking something because I have  the  itch (or maybe this, or this, or these), and staying out of the outrageously hot weather we’re having (let’s keep it to 85, Mother Nature.  85 is plenty hot).  And playing with Forrest, of course.  = )

Happy Friday!



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