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Sunrise 1.6.16 - C

(no filters, no adjustments.  Taken with my new Canon Rebel T5.  Makes my heart pound)



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Sunrise with Venus 10.27.15Sunrise with Venus blur



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Scarlet leaf 2015October sunsetOctober sunset to the NW



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Us at 33 months

I’m not sure what time warp I’ve been in that allowed 3 weeks to pass without posting (Instagram, I’m looking at you), but wow.

Hi!  I miss you!Wild iris crop

I’ve been walking, snapping the occasional photo (bumper crop of wild iris this year like whoa), putting my studio back together, falling off the wagon of healthy eating and climbing back on again (hard to fit on there sometimes around the chocolate, but I try), and fighting with a 2-year-old about who gets to set bedtime.  More on that later this week.

Crazy hair

We’ve been on a playground tour to find the best slides and playgrounds in the area (and run off some energy on a weekend, please, oh please don’t give up your nap yet!), which has been fun but he doesn’t like the super-fast, super-wide 30-foot slide that’s closest to home.  Not yet, anyway.

30 foot slide

This was before he went down the first time (“Yah!  Slide!!”).  Daddy took him again but that was enough for sure.  Do you know a lot of playgrounds now have these big net sphere things for kids to crawl on/over/through – see upper right – that are darn hard to get through as an adult?  And that’s safer than a tire swing?

Writing his name

We’ve also been playing with chalk in the evening, drawing letters and shapes and “Momma, a jellyfish!”  Evenings are tough for me – I feel like it’s a mad rush to get home, get some play in, get some dinner eaten, and get him to bed at a reasonable time to get him enough sleep to start again at 6:00 the next morning.  Let me tell you, sleep is a hot commodity these days.

Silver linings

But there’s always a silver lining – the love in my household is strong and real and makes everything else fall by the wayside.  Can’t beat that for anything.

What have you been up to these past few weeks?


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Sky High

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

~ Jimi Hendrix

10.31.14 Sunset10.9.14 Sunrise 11.5.14 Sunset 11.6.14 Morning sky

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Sunset 10.31.14Goodnight moon too



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Clouds and rainbows


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

– Albert Einstein



This really struck a cord.  Thinking deeply about this one….




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Sunset 10.20.14



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Cloud trees



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