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Work rocksI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I love rocks, I collect rocks, my husband collects rocks, and we could probably pave a small driveway with our combined collections.  Okay, that’s a leetle bit of an exaggeration but still… Rocks and shells that is.  I could definitely pave a driveway with the shells.

My office building is in a loop of other buildings with a single driveway off the main drag that’s lined with 2 rock beds.  Last year the old beds were dug up and new river rock put in; shortly after I was walking to the driveway one afternoon to drop off a package and the sun was angled just right to catch the warm glow of an agate peeking out of the pile.  I especially love agates so I tucked it in my pocket then put it on my desk.  Then scoured the beds each time I walked up there to see if I could find more.  This is my collections of little found treasures at work – acorns, agates, crystallized rocks and seed pods that make me so very happy.  They’re gathered in a bowl now on the reception sitting area table in hopes our visitors will find them interesting too (because heaven knows I don’t need more rocks at home!).

Do you collect any little treasures, natural or not?



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