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He loves me, he loves

Me truly – each petal a

sweet affirmation



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I’m 37 weeks pregnant.  Current medical knowledge considers this “full term.”  Now I’m waiting.  And organizing.  Gathering the last few essentials, tucking away things I won’t need for a while, gathering knowledge from every other mother I encounter.  The car seat is in, the picture is hung in the nursery (but there are a few more tasks to finish there), I’m as mentally prepared as I can be at this point (no fear about labor, just a lot of curiosity)…and I feel like that daisy bud above, starting to unfurl into this new way of life but not quite there yet.

I’m ready to have this baby not because I’m tired of being pregnant but because I’m ready for the next step.  This pregnancy has been incredibly easy; I’ve spent parts of it wondering when the crappy stuff will hit, but then realizing it doesn’t have to be crappy.  Yay!  Some fatigue, some mood swings, manageable weight gain, still dancing, still happy, still excited – I’ll take that over any ol’ stereotypical pregnancy crap any day.

So I’m waiting.  We’re waiting.  And while I wait, I’ll finish, and nest, I’ll train my replacement here at work (finally found one and I really like her – it was important to me to find a good personality fit along with the skills for my guys and I think, hope, I have), and read over the piles of papers I’ve been given by doctors and in classes to make sure I haven’t missed anything.  I’ll straighten up the studio side of the Nursdio so that clutter is off my brain, finish washing and sorting and storing piles of baby clothes that make me sigh and dream and smile, look at the dirty windows and figure they’ll wait until later (unless I get one of those last-minute super woman rushes right before birth, cause they really bother me!!), cook a few more things for the freezer, fondle baby clothes and gaze at the crib for a while…and finish the changing table (second photo).  And decide if I really have it in me to refinish the glider at this point (once again, maybe Super Woman will hit).

Hope ya’all had a fabulous 4th of July.  We ate too much, chatted, played with lots of littles, ate more, watched illegal fireworks that were pretty spectacular, went to bed too late, slept like the dead and would do it all over again for a holiday on a Wednesday.  I think this weekend we’ll go to the movies while we still can and maybe eat dinner out, I’ll continue feathering the nest inside while Matt straightens up the loose ends outside…

We’re waiting, as patiently as we can.



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