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Scarlet leaf 2015October sunsetOctober sunset to the NW



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Such a magic show

Watching leaves blow in smoky

Autumn-scented winds



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I can’t really think of another time of year when the gutters, cracks, crevices and curb corners are so full of beauty – freshly fallen leaves blow and gather and create these little pockets of lovely.   Even the faded leaves contribute to that amazing mosaic.

Or you can leave the brilliant red leaf you found on Friday on your desk and admire the dry curl it became by Monday…


Just lovely.


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Yesterday after work I was driving out through the countryside on the way to pick up Forrest from his Grands and I couldn’t help but enjoy the fall leaves.  Everything is finally bursting into beautiful color.  And the air smelled of woodsmoke and apples.

My favorite season is Spring but Fall is next.  I have a very soft, squishy part for fall leaves and usually end up collecting and pressing at least a few each year.  Then I find them in a book somewhere, sigh at the memory, and put them back outside where they belong.

But until then I’ll enjoy holding this glory in my hand and look forward to colder temps and a warm, cozy fire in the woodstove soon.  I bet Forrest will love to watch the dancing flames.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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(edited to note this was supposed to publish yesterday, Saturday.  WordPress, why did you fail me??)

Yesterday morning I was bundled up in my big coat – and skirt and flip flops, dummy – urging the dog to “go big potty!!” before work and wishing it wasn’t so cold and windy and wet and miserable.  I’m not ready for winter yet, let me tell you.

Then I turned around to see one of our vine maples in full fall glory, just the couple of branches still bearing leaves, but they were the best red to orange to yellow to green at the ends.  Lovely.  This pic from my camera phone doesn’t do it justice.  Most of our trees are evergreens or big leaf maple (brown and yellow are the best we get there) so this was such a glorious pop of color.

I’m off to do some cleaning, Thanksgiving planning – 17 so far at our house – and entertaining the dog.  She’s been cooped up a lot lately, I think we need a good romp outside.  Once I locate my long underwear and fur-lined gloves…

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Like Flames

The leaves cling like flames to the tips of the branches.

They’ll wick out soon –

Blown away on a gust of wind…

But for now they light my fire.

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