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The sweet, spicy scent

Of peonies reminds me –

I deserve the best



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Sunrise 1.6.15

The molten core of

Dawn lights as bones and feathers

Exit darkest night



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12.2.14 Sunrise

A burst of color

So quickly fades into the

Dawning of the day




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11.18.14 Sunrise with moon

The dawn of a new

Day holds a sliver of moon –




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I forgot it’s not

What I want to be, but who

I already am



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With queen’s grace she danced

On delicate blossoms, in

A twilight splendor



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Buzzing, buzzing, work

Work, work – call me crazy but

Bee butts drive me nuts


= )

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Japanese peony

Peony of note –

Japanese delight in pink

And ruffled yellow



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Tiny parachutes

On a puff and a prayer

Seed the next army



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sleeping baby 20 months

I can’t help loving

His sweet, pouty sleeping lips,

His lashes for days



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