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lilac path

There are days I hate the commute, the 40-60 minute drive each way to daycare/work, then home again in the evening when I’m tired and other drivers are tired, and we’re all a little grumpy.  I remember the days of living closer in, having a shorter drive even though the same grumpy drivers shared the road…

Plum done

Then I think about how much I love my home, love living in a place where the loudest sound on a Friday night is the frogs croaking, the very distant barking of a neighbor’s dog (or yip and howl of coyotes), and maybe a plane flying waaay overhead.  Where the lizards sun themselves on the rock wall and our driveway; where tiny snails leave trails on the sidewalk, chipmunks taunt the dog from the rocks, hawks and eagles fly overhead, too many birds to count visit on a daily basis, and the owls hoot in the trees at night; where a small herd of deer cross our lawn and stop to stare at us through the windows.

Tiny snail

Sure, we have a lot of bugs but we get to have lots of trees and native wildflowers and all sorts of wildlife too.

Wild iris 2015

The convenience of a shorter drive is so deeply eclipsed by living closer to Mother Nature.

Sunset 4.9.15

Happy Earth Day, friends.  Let’s take care of our planet and each other today, shall we?  xoxo




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Otherwise known as Earth Day – yay!  The sun is shining here in my neck of the woods, the flowers are blooming, and the robins do their best to wake us up with the dawn.  Ah, bliss.

You don’t have to believe in global warming or be an environmentalist or a tree hugger or a granola girl, but you really should try to love this rock we’re spinning on… after all, where would we be without it?

Please recycle, dispose of your garbage responsibly, drive less if you can, and pick up that piece of trash or empty bottle next time you walk by.  Why not?

Please help us all take care of this amazing, lovely, awesome planet we all call home.

Thank you!!



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