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spiral staircase

My Friday random:

  • This is the spiral staircase that leads up to my new studio space that I’ve talked about.  There’s actually some stuff up there now (shocking!).  I moved my favorite lamp up last night so I’ll have plenty of light; there’s already a chair and ottoman up there for cozy doodle sessions with my iPad and paper53 app (can’t recommend it enough and I’ve barely played with it); and I’m moving the sewing machine and some tubs of fabric up tonight.  Now to figure out if I can safely lug the sturdy table up so I don’t have to rely on a card table…  that’s what strong, manly husbands are for, right?
  • I have a bunch of vacation time available at work so I’m taking it.  Later this month I’m heading to the coast for a day and might get myself a massage while I’m over there (oh, bliss I need it!).  Then I’ll take the day before Thanksgiving, and the entire week of Christmas.  The entire week.  Christmas week.  I’ve never done that before.  I’m planning to have Forrest in daycare still that week, too.  I think I’m giddy.
  • Pinterest and  Instagram rock.  I still can’t make myself jump on the Facebook train.
  • I recently plowed through the first two Divergent books (do they remind anyone else of the Hunger Games series?) and pre-ordered the third to pop onto my iPad later this month.  Woot!
  • Forrest was a bundle of energy last night, almost tipping me over the edge by whining the entire way home, but then he entertained himself beautifully for a while playing with his Little People and Pirates, then had dinner, then played with Daddy while I made our dinner, then we all played together for a while as the dog tried to get in on the action, then we went upstairs for baby-TV time where he played and wiggled and talked and bounced his head on the back of the couch then I turned off the lights so we could “transition” to bed time for 10 minutes in which he continued to play and wiggle and talk, then I took him to bed and he went to bed without a peep and stayed there all night.  I just can’t predict when that will happen anymore and certainly didn’t expect it after such an energetic evening.
  • Boy do I need to update my Blogroll.

The sun is shining, Forrest slept through the night, I have pulled pork waiting for me for lunch, and it’s FRIDAY!  How awesome is all of that?  Happy Friday, friends!  Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend (Dr. Kara party, here we come!).  = )



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I love taking pictures of flowers.  Sometimes the abstract, oddball ones are more interesting than the perfect flower portraits.

healthy salad

Steamed kale with corn, edamame, and avocado is a surprisingly satisfying dinner.  Dress with soy sauce and pepper and off you go.

dress print

Yesterday I wore the cutest blue print dress and cardigan sweater I found on sale at H&M.  The dress isn’t a style I usually wear but it made me smile and feel pretty.  When I got home I realized it’s a maternity dress (not that the front was longer because I’m so flat chested) but I wore it anyway because it made me smile and feel pretty.  And now I have another maternity dress when I need it again.

On the quad 13.5 mo

Forrest is growing up so fast.  When I dress him in the right clothes he practically looks 3 already.  I also trimmed his old man hair in the back – there was a long layer over a short layer so I cut the long layer.  Yes, I kept the little trimmings but I’m not keeping his teeth… or not all of them…

Are you familiar with Alisa Burke?  I found her in the past, lost track, and found her again yesterday through Kelly Rae Roberts.  In spending waaaay to much time at work tooling through her blog, especially her Life with Lucy section, I realized I didn’t have a creative practice before I had Forrest, not really, so I’m not sure why I’m trying to “get it back” now.  Because I am.  So that means I need to create my practice now. While I’m not sure I’m ready to break out the acrylics with him yet, I want Forrest to enjoy being creative so I also need to pull out some big pads and crayons and markers and let us go at it more often.  I think he’ll enjoy it as much as I will.

First football game

Last weekend we took Forrest to his first home football game (Go Beavs!).  He’s not quite old enough to sit through an entire game, and I need to remember to bring toys for him for next time, but he seemed to have a great time clapping along when we all cheered.  In a couple of years I have a feeling he’ll be all over football games with Daddy.

This weekend I have housework to catch up on and a creative space to make.  What’s on tap for you?



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last daisy

This is the last, slightly bedraggled, daisy on the bush.  Lovely thing.  And I love the way my iPhone distorted the background blur here – very painterly.

Forrest on quad

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic but this is a tiny man at his happiest, playing with his motorized toy.  He *has* figured out how to push the button to make it go, but hasn’t figure out yet 1) how to steer (which means we either let him run into things or walk along beside thank-heavens-it-goes-slow) or 2) that it only goes forward so pushing the button in this situation gets you nowhere (but still makes noise and hence is still fun – funny, pushing *my* buttons sometimes yields the same results).  Oh, and thanks Uncle Josh and Aunt Jen for the nifty rig!

kitchen scale

While jotting down a random wish list of kitchen items that popped to mind today, I realized I wrote “guillotine” instead of “mandolin.”  But there’s a reason – I saw a guillotine paper cutter for sale and it’s on my studio someday-wishlist, so it was on my mind for that reason.  Not because I have a fascination with revolutionary France and/or want to chop someone’s head off… usually…

Tomorrow we have a company party to attned and Sunday I have a birthday shindig to host/attend so Monday will not be a day of labor in my house but a day of rest.  Okay, the bathrooms are going to start their own science experiments if I don’t clean them by Monday, so that will be happening this weekend too.

Have a great weekend, friends!  I hope yours is three days, too.



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  • Deep Thoughts Thursday didn’t happen yesterday because I was lucky to have a coherent thought at all.  Forrest had me up three nights in a row, Wednesday night being the worst, and since he’s a good sleeper I’m not used to those 1-3 hour awake periods in the middle of the night anymore.  Brutal.  Makes me wish the nifty newborn hormones that made it tolerable at the beginning extended through teething.  And since teething for him equals ear infections there’s always one night during a batch of new teeth when neither of us sleep well.  See below; hopefully he’s done for a while.
  • My baby has 11 teeth.  ELEVEN teeth!  And I think #12, the lower right first molar, is on the way too.  His Grandma H is right, we should start calling him Jaws.
  • I work for a structural engineering firm.  The guys are always talking shop but I’m not sure I’ll ever hear this (somewhat crude sounding because I have a dirty mind) phrase again: “choke up your strut-nuts and beef up your termination.”  <snicker>
  • Tomorrow hubby and I are going to a “White Trash” themed 40th birthday party.  Since I like to dress the part I’ve been shopping for “trashy” clothing to wear… oddly “white trash” clothing seems to also fall under 80s style…
  • Have you been on a hot air balloon ride?  Mom and I went years ago and it was sooo cool.  Drifting with the wind, no sound (except the occasional blast of heat/flame), seeing the world from in-a-plane perspective only closer.  It’s the time of year when the balloons are up first thing in the morning as I drive to work and that makes me remember our trip every time.  Also makes me wish camera phones existed way back then; I can’t remember if we took pictures!

Happy Friday, gang!  Hope you have a good one and it extends into an excellent weekend, too.   = )



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  • In case you can’t tell I love macro photography.  I’m using a Sony Cyber-shot, no flash, and wind is not my friend in this realm, so I take a *ton* of duds when I try for macro shots but every once in a while I get a picture like this anyway.  I LOVE this shot.  I love the finely defined purple bloom and that the rest of the thistle and surrounding brush has become an abstract painting.  I love the detail contrasted with the blur.  Go me!
  • Forrest will walk to me, to his daddy, to his Grandparents, and last night he was going back and forth between me and the couch, but he won’t walk to other people.  They didn’t believe me at daycare about the walking so I stood him next to a toy this morning then moved about 5 feet away and coaxed him over.  Go figure!
  • Today I (again) purchased way more produce than we can consume before it goes bad.  I really enjoy fresh fruits and veggies but unless I freeze some of it I’m wasting money.  But it was all so pretty I lose my self control and buy it anyway.  Go freezer!
  • I don’t like living in a construction zone.  We’re having a room tiled, the main gathering room in the house and though we have a couch and TV in another room my rhythm is totally thrown off.  I can’t wait until it’s done.  Go tilers!
  • Twice this week I’ve let Forrest cry himself to sleep.  At about 9:00, or earlier if I’m on top of things, we watch TV while I rock him and rub his back and hum “go to sleep.”  Sometimes he does go to sleep pretty quickly, but if that’s been going on for 15 to 20 minutes I’m now taking him to his crib to put him down, asleep or not.  I do pat his back for a bit and tell him it’s time to sleep but as long as I’m there next to the crib he wants to talk and play and stand and not sleep.  So this week I kissed him goodnight, told him I love him, and walked out the door.  I’ve tried letting him cry in the past – he cried and cried and whimpered and then wound up again into the tears and wails for 20 minutes before I gave in – but this week I hope (fingers crossed, knock on wood) we’ve turned a corner because he cried about 7 minutes the first time but only three last night.  3 minutes!  Wish me luck this trend continues…  Go sleep!

Happy Friday and happy weekend, friends!  Hope you do something fun, like relax.  Or whatever else floats your boat.  = )




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Sleeping baby - 1 year

Good Friday morning!  My brain is occupied with Forrest’s 1st birthday party tomorrow (!!!), and even though we’re not doing a special theme or decorations and it’s really more of an excuse to get some friends and family together for a party, the planning is taking up vital brain space.  So I’ll be brief with today’s random…

  • This is the only picture I remembered to take of Forrest on his actual 1st birthday.  Oh, well, plenty of time for pictures of cake and presents and fun tomorrow.
  • Yesterday I was driving next to a souped up Buick station wagon, woody-style, lowrider, tinted windows and pretty flashy/fly wheels, a sunroof… and I swear an old man was driving.  Hip old man!
  • I’m currently feeling  a crisis of fashion and dislike of my current closet full of clothes.  I need to add a new pair of capris to freshen things up, and find some hoodie sweatshirts that fit a little better, and break out of my current rut of style too… do you ever have closet crisis times?
  • I don’t like Adam’s natural peanut butter as well as Jif.  There, I said it.  = )
  • I still don’t really get Pinterest.

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend, too.



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Acorn 2013 detail

  • For some reason I associate acorns with fall, even though they’re dropping off the oaks now.  Not sure why.  But I think they’re one of the prettiest little bits of nature to be found on the ground.  And so full of potential.
  • I’m going to try to do a full year of Haiku Tuesdays, and create a small book out of some or all of it.  A little coffee table gem of a book, I think.  Part of me wants to hand-bind it, but then I’d also like to make/sell multiple copies so that’s not really feasible with my schedule.  We’ll see.
  • I’m finding and gathering recipes I want to try faster than I have a lifetime to try them.  But I’ll keep doing it anyway.
  • My baby has his first fat lip and it’s a doozy.  He fell at Grandma’s house yesterday, and looks like he got his lip between his sharp little teeth?  Scraped off the outer layer of skin?  It’s still a bit puffy and looks pretty bad but doesn’t appear to bother him.  I think I’ve said this before, but I’m resigning myself to a boy who will bring home plenty of scrapes, bumps, bruises and breaks in the near future.  I’ll be there to kiss them as long as he wants, too.
  • He’s a year old next Wednesday.  I’m not quite sure where the year has gone.
  • Last night for dinner we had “chopped” caprese salad: chopped up cherry tomatoes, fresh mozza, salami, kalamata olives and big hunks of basil, dressed in olive oil, balsamic, the good salt (fleur de sel) and pepper, piled onto slices of pugliese loaf.  This is our favorite meal in the summer.
  • Tonight I need to use up some of the produce I’ve been hoarding buying lately; I’m going to try this veggy saute to serve with these taquitos.
  • This weekend we’ll be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning to get the house and yard in tip top shape for Little Tree’s party next weekend.  No theme, just a friends and family BBQ.  And maybe some paper straws.

What are you up to?

Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!



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Greetings Fellow Earthlings!  Another week has passed in this cosmically quick year and I’m not only another week closer to Christmas (yes, I dared to say it!) but another week closer to my baby’s 1st birthday.  How has *that* year gone by so quickly?

Speaking of Christmas, are you working on any projects yet?  That seriously just popped into my head as I started to write about a quick year and no, I don’t have anything planned so far but… I usually come up with a slew of projects that don’t get done.  It’s harder now with a little.  I feel like I’m often forced to choose sleep or art/craft and I’m choosing sleep.  This too shall pass.  But if you have fun projects planned please share so I can live vicariously through you!

What’s on your plate for the weekend?  Tomorrow I’m heading to Salem to enjoy the Salem Art Fair with my mom.  We’ve been going for years – it’s fun to see what the Salem organizers have chosen as fine art and craft that year, and if there’re any trends worth noting.

Matt and I are also going to the Zoolala gala at the Portland Zoo, a last minute addition to the weekend (thanks in advance for babysitting, Kara!!).  Should be fun, and I get to dress up a bit and pull out some wild earrings.  Woot!

Sunday I’ll dance with my girls (can I tell you again how much I’m LOVING going back to Sunday drills?  SO MUCH) in the morning and clean, clean, clean that afternoon in preparation for baby’s party in a couple weeks.  And play with the baby a lot.  And enjoy sunshine, and life, and homemade pizza that evening.


Hope you have a great weekend, too.  = )



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Happy Friday!  This weekend we’ll be consuming this amazing pile of fresh fruit, attending a BBQ with good friends, playing a lot (adults should borrow a baby for a few hours so they learn how to play again), catching up on sleep if we’re lucky, and generally enjoying a sunny Oregon summer.

These Bing cherries are so amazingly dark they’re almost black.  I’m going to try infusing some vodka with some of these guys – raspberries, cherries, maybe even the strawberries, though they’re reaching the end of their local season so it’s hard to give up these tasty beauties.

I also need to find a good home for this lovely encaustic piece by my very talented friend Linda Robertson Womack.  In her new house she made a wall of small art pieces that’s inspiring me to do the same – I think I’ll start with hers!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  = )



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