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Here’s what 5 minutes of bliss looks like:

Morning dogwoodBehind a dogwooddogwood extreme

If I were a fairy, I’d live in a pink dogwood tree, at least in the Spring season…okay, only when the flowers are blooming.  Good thing I look good in pink.  = )

Happy Friday!


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We’re gearing up around here for a big bang of an end-of-summer weekend, with expected temps in the 90s before we drop down into the 70s on Tuesday for the first day of Autumn.  Bang, bang!

I’ll be inside enjoying the coolness while I tackle my to-do list (OK, to-do notebook – I wrote a page for each room/area in the house and what I wanted to accomplish there, from cleaning out and purging the overflowing cupboards to painting walls – yeehaw!).  I’m planning to make headway on the hanging puzzle piece that’s throwing my head into chaos right now – the great toddler bed makeover needs to get DONE so I can shuffle the rest of the pieces into place.  I also have a pile of 10-minute projects that need to be OFF MY PLATE already, and some bigger projects to do once the bed is done.  There is no end to what I want to do these days.  Good thing Forrest pulls me out of the weeds and into fun on a regular basis.

Happy Friday, loved ones!  Hope you enjoy your weekend in the best way possible.



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Pizza paradise 2 yrs

On this last Friday of summer (okay, I know that’s not a factual statement but school starts next week so really, it’s true…), as the sun isn’t shining, I want to wish you a Happy Friday and a Fabulous Weekend.  Forrest and I will be dance-partying at a local cafe, maybe taking a trip with Daddy to the Oregon State Fair, probably eating pizza again (a staple in our home), running, playing, squealing, throwing, crashing, and hopefully  not saying “Oh, crap” again, though we’re not entirely sure he said that – I want to believe he said “Oh.  Crash” when his shoe fell off his lap.  Yeah, that’s it.

We’ll also be hanging out and relaxing.  This past week has been a busy one, with a trip to the fair with Grandma and Aunt Dani and the OAT cousins, driving a tractor with Daddy at Charlie’s farm (and he got to steer, too.  In fact he demanded to steer, pushing Daddy’s hands away each time and saying “no-no, Dadda!” when Matt tried to help), new and exciting apps on the iPad that can’t be part of our bedtime routine any more because they’re too exciting… good times.  I moved stuff around in Forrest’s someday-big-boy room so now I really need/want to get his someday-big-boy tractor bed painted so we can move him in there and I can have my studio back and Matt can have is bonus room back.  Ah, the good times never end!

So.  Happy Friday!  Happy Fabulous Weekend!  May yours be as full of joy and wonder and crashes and bangs and items crossed off the never-ending list as ours.

= )



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In the woods

Last Sunday Forrest and I took a short trip over to the Oregon Coast.  We played on Whispering Rocks beach for a bit (home of my heart/this heart), trying to find whole sand dollars, dodging waves and throwing rocks in the surf.  Forrest doesn’t like to be in the water but LOVES if I’ll carry him so he can watch the cold waves smash my ankles, so we did some of that, too.   Then we drove into the incredibly-crowded town of Seaside (I totally forgot how crazy that place can get in summer, especially when there’s some sort of volleyball tournament going on too) for lunch, then headed home before the crowds decided to join us.  It was short and sweet and I found myself smiling almost the entire time we were there – I forget how much the ocean speaks to my soul until we meet again.

This weekend we’ll head to Salem for my dad’s birthday and  I need to catch up on neglected housework.  Or we might squeeze in a trip to the zoo tomorrow if we can get out early enough.  What about you?

Happy Friday, gang.  Have a good weekend, too.  = )



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Oh, hi!  I missed you!  I can’t believe you’re still hanging around.  I’ve been here and there, in the world and in my head, and haven’t made much time for you lately.  I’m so sorry.

I’m having a bit of trouble right now seeing the forest for the trees.  Or the trees for the Forrest.  Almost-Two is a busy age, which I wouldn’t miss for the world but it makes for long days, difficulty getting the tasks done around the house that I want to should get done, and little energy at night to do it after his bedtime.  I have a feeling I’ll be in this loop for a while.

But frankly I have a hard time caring so much about the dust balls in the corner and the crumbs on the counter.  Forrest is blooming.  He’s growing and exploding with energy and words and the desire for new experiences.  Every chance he gets he wants to be outside, running and jumping and galloping in the big wide world of rocks and grass and bugs and Daddy Big Loud Motorcycle (quad) and Baby Little Loud Motorcycle (pint size electric quad) and feeding the neighbor’s fish and coloring with chalk and, and – and why would I want to be cooped up inside with a broom?

I do missing blogging more often than Tiny Treasures Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday, and have many things I want to say and show, but I’m guessing most of it will wait for summer to wind down a bit more.  The light won’t be as good for pictures but the call of the wild will be a little less strong.

I hope you have a Happy Friday friends and loved ones, and a wonderful weekend, too.  Now get out there and explore!


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Yesterday evening I found this guy sitting right outside our garage.  He positively sparkled in the late-day sun.  I know it’s a cicada, but not the genus/species – if you know, will you tell me?

This morning he was inside the garage (I’m sensing a theme here…).  Look at those wings!

Several years ago, before we had any landscaping, I noticed we were having a cicada hatching right along our foundation.  I found one little guy about 10 feet away from the house on a dirt slope and sat with him for 30 minutes or so as he dried off (?? I think??) and changed color, but he was green.  If I’m remembering correctly.  And now I have to find those pictures (on the old computer?  Ack!).

TGIF cause I’m ready for the weekend, friends.  Do you have any plans?  I’ll be pre-packing for a short trip Forrest and I are taking to visit extended family in Santa Rosa, CA next weekend, doing some chores around the house, sewing some fabric bags based on these (or maybe this too/instead?), baking something because I have  the  itch (or maybe this, or this, or these), and staying out of the outrageously hot weather we’re having (let’s keep it to 85, Mother Nature.  85 is plenty hot).  And playing with Forrest, of course.  = )

Happy Friday!



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It’s Friday!  School is almost over for the season so traffic will be better on Monday!!  I had a fever Wednesday night but today I feel pretty darn good!!  Forrest is healthy, Matt is healthy, and we’re going to Hawaii in 2 weeks!

Poison OakAnd I’m so happy that I know what Poison Oak looks like because we have A LOT of it around my rural neighborhood, and it likes to mix with my favorite flowers.  That pretty leafy green up there?  Poison Oak.  It makes getting good pictures of these

And these

a sometimes-harrowing experience because it seems the best patches of columbine especially are mixed with the Poison Oak.  NOT fair play, Mother Nature!

But I suffer through.  = )


Need a giggle this Friday morning?  Read this.

Need some inspiration?  Read this.

Need an idea for dinner, a cocktail, or creative snacks?  Read this.

And have a fabulous Friday, friends.



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We don’t have any real plans going into this long weekend, but I’m hoping there will be some of this:

Puffy cloudsStopping to smell some of these:

Finding some natural treasures, like these:

Speckled eggLots of time with this little man:

Hero Forrest 21 moWho will hopefully be doing some of this on his own:

Lining up friends 21 moSo I can do some of this on my own:

Or maybe we’ll take a trip to the beach.  The weekend is wide open.

Happy Friday, friends!  Have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend, okay?  = )



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Forrest with daffodilsHe enjoys batting at the daffodils as I say “gentle, gentle” the entire time.  Until he sees a bird – “Bird!!” he yells.  He was yelling Bird! from the back seat on the way home a short while later and I had to really look a while to spot the vee of geese waaay off to the left.  Kid has eyes like a hawk.

Since deciding to run toward rather than away yesterday, I’m feeling very energized about the blog and my presence out in the world and the possibility I can make Curly Girl Press into a business.  I know you have complete faith in me, Mom, but I’m still working on having it in myself.  I sincerely hope this feeling sticks around for a while.

If the weather holds (currently a wee bit of the great orb is shining down upon me) we may make a trip to the zoo tomorrow so Forrest can see in person all of those animals he knows and loves from his books.  According to the weather on my phone it won’t be holding (and in fact may be snowy in Tigard?!).

I need to take some pictures of my paper collection for an upcoming post.  If you’ve ever seen my paper collection you know that’s a pretty hefty task.  I’m bound to find some gems I forgot, and I’m hoping to find a sheet of alphabet letters with pictures to put on the wall for Forrest, but regardless trying to take pictures will involve touching and fondling and loving on a lot of paper goods.  I’ll be in BLISS!

Do you Spotify?  I don’t a lot, but recently tried it and have been introduced to a bunch of great music.  I’m really enjoying William Elliott Whitmore and The Infamous Stringdusters.

Just finished listening to the soundtrack for Inside Llewyn Davis, which I bought on iTunes because of the song Fare Thee Well by Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford (could listen to this on repeat for a good hour or two), and I’ll be moving on to a good Jack Johnson session next.

And I get to dance again on Sunday, as long as Karen is feeling better since we use her house.  Will you all join me in wishing Karen better so I can dance with my friends?  Thank you so much!

Here’s to a fabulous Friday and an amazing weekend to come.  Will you all join me in that, too?  You’re the best.  = )

(P.S. Music links are for your reference only – I have no affiliation with Amazon)



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One of the many barns in my neck of the woods

One of the many barns in my neck of the woods

Happy Friday!  Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  And shortly after that we welcome the new year?  Crazy, I tell you.

I’m happy to say my shopping is done, we finally decorated the tree, I’ll be wrapping this weekend, and there are just a few more holiday treats I want to try.  Forrest was positively giddy about the lights on the tree; we have the old fashioned big colored lights, so they get hot, but I think he’s figuring that out.  So far (fingers crossed!!) he’s leaving the tree alone like a good boy.  I’m going to put some Christmas music on tonight so he can boogy down.  Seriously, while at a holiday party with friends over the weekend he was doing a total booty-shake groove to classical holiday tunes.  I LOVE that he dances.

I do believe this is the most cheerful, organized and content that I’ve been in a while going into Christmas.  Not for any specific bad reasons in the past, really, just this year I feel put together.  Ready for it.  Happy to be enjoying the holidays.  Maybe most happy to be enjoying it through the eyes of an almost 17-month-old?  I also can’t get enough of the Christmas music!  Currently listening to John Fahey’s guitar loveliness – how have I missed him all these years?

Have a fabulous weekend, friends and loved ones.   If this is the start of your holiday vacation, have an even better one.  But go easy on the egg nog – there’s plenty more time to get the nog on.  = )



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