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Friends, I’ve been off the blog wagon for a couple of weeks now.  Hawaii threw me off my game.  I still need to post about our trip with an almost-2-year-old, but for now, Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Here’s what ours looked like:

We started the weekend with an amazing sunset Thursday night.

Sunset 7.3.14 firstBut wait, it got better! (no filters or editing for either of these)

Sunset 7.3.14Friday morning we were up and out early, heading to St. Paul for the parade and fair.  This was Forrest’s first parade and he seemed to love it – horses!  tractors!  cars! “Another car!” he says.

Parade horsesWe had no idea St. Paul also packed a full fair w/rides and games into the streets around the rodeo arena, but we decided to take a stroll around there after the parade.  Had a darn good corn dog there, too.

Forrest had his first pony ride and it was a rousing success.  He was calm, smiling, and said several times after, “Ride nucera!” while patting his chest (nucera is his word for horse, which I believe comes from unicorn but who knows? He doggedly calls his blankets “kehbie” too).

He wasn’t so sure about the bulls, though.

Saturday we all packed into “Dada truck!” and delivered a futon to one house, then picked up a bed and antique furniture at another.  We came home to a visitor in the back yard, enjoying the shade and the cool dirt.

backyard deerSunday morning the does were out with their little spotted fawns – first time we’ve seen them in daylight and they never stop being too cute for words), my parents visited for a while, then Forrest got to dine alfresco before getting his truck on in the driveway, then being forced by me to go to bed at a decent hour.  This kid will stay up as long as you let him, and wants to sleep in forever too.

Dining alfresco 23 monthsImportant workBasically our weekend rocked.  Forrest is open to try about anything, easy-going, and happy to travel as long as we have crackers and his water.  At 23-months he’s talking up a storm, goes boldly into the wilderness outside (there’s been more than once we’ve said to each other “have you seen Forrest?” while outside), will still eat about anything as long as we’re eating it too, loves to be tickled, is in a phase of crashing cars and yelling “boom!” each time, LOVED the little poppers he could throw on the ground and was okay with the fireworks as long as they weren’t too loud (“Loud!” he says)… he runs everywhere, has shown a new appreciation for music and will dance any chance he gets.  I could go on and on with the love-fest because we feel soooo blessed to have him in our life.  He’s the best.  And he’ll be 2 at the end of the month – where has the time gone?  Really, where?



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Forrest here.  Since I’m 21-months-old now I feel I’m able to contribute to this blog – or at least that’s what I tried to tell momma, but I’m no sure she understood me.  She gives me this blank look sometimes – what, honey? she says.  Repeating it usually doesn’t help.  And how does she not understand that “nuchora” means horse?! [Mom here.  He used to call horses “neighs,” but this new word is driving me nuts.  A garbled “unicorn?”  Maybe; his art from school last week included a pic of a unicorn… sigh…]

The weekend flew by as usual, with a visit to the pool (swim lessons start tonight!), swinging at the playground, lots of errands with Momma, playing with Dada, trying to sit/lie on the dog, throwing balls “up high!” whenever possible, eating like a linebacker with lots of snacks too (“nack!  nack!”), coloring on the chair again even though I said No-no first (momma wasn’t happy – she took away my crayons and made me play with cars), incredible amounts of “wahwer” falling from the sky on Sunday afternoon, a nap I didn’t want to take, and running from diaper changes and pajamas whenever possible.  Here’s the weekend according to Mom’s iPhone:

With momma

I love “outsie!”

With daddy

Have hat, have glasses, ready for Hawaii.

Ball ball

Best. Ball. Ever.

feeding squirrels

Hi “querwhel”!

tossing rocks with daddy

Shootin’ the breeze. Throwing “wocks.”

Hangin with daddy

Frozen is ok, but it’s no Ba-Ba.



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The sun was shining (briefly) at the Oregon Coast this weekend and we were there to see it.  Friday night’s beautiful sunset lasted into Saturday morning’s sunny walk to painting class, followed by lots of rain shepherding me back to our condo room that evening, culminating in maniacal laughter coming from our bundled-up toddler as we braved a torrential, windy downpour later that night on or way back from dinner.  Seriously, the only thing uncovered was his very wet little face and he seemed to LOVE being splashed and gusted with cold blustery rain.  The little nut.

Seaside Friday eveningSunset Seasid 4.25.14

We were there so I could take Alisa Burke’s Larger than Life class (and meet a total blog crush in person, I’m not afraid to say it) – oh, the itch I now have to paint big.  To paint at all.  I went into class totally thinking I would splash and splotch and play with a hunk of material to make into a tote, and left with the start of a painting I fully intend to hang on the wall in my studio.  One of the best parts of being in her studio was seeing how she surrounds herself with art, much of it her own, and realizing I need to do more of that in my studio.  I’ve always felt a little shy about hanging my own work, as if I shouldn’t enjoy and be proud of something that came from my own hands and heart.  I can’t believe how silly that looks when I read it.  I added another layer after this one, a gold flower/mandala that I’m going to continue to play with for a while.  Then I’ll probably hang it like a tapestry.

LTL paintingHula bike

This weekend trip was also a good trial run for a trip to Hawaii we’re taking in June, since we’re taking our still-a-lap-baby along with us.  What did I learn?

  • I’m glad I signed us up for swim classes in May because he was very hesitant to get in the pool, though he enjoyed it eventually.  I should have tried his swim trunks on before packing them.  Good thing I had a spare pair of shorts.
  • Packing three of us into two carry-ons will be tricky, but I think doable.  I’m DETERMINED not to overpack (talking about myself mainly), especially since we have access to laundry at our condo.
  • Traveling with a baby takes a lot of stuff, which isn’t a news flash, but I think I can pare down or rent what we need there.
  • He would rather color or push the stroller around outside (emphasis on OUTSIDE) than play with any of the little toys I brought.  Do take a Baby Einstein video again for downtime relaxing, though.
  • He was fine with two stuffed animals for bed rather than the 5 we drag around at home.  Awesome!  On that note, bedtime wasn’t the chore I expected but our Hawaii condo won’t have a separate bedroom so it may get tricky.
  • Forrest is a good little guy, we can take him to restaurants with appropriate crayon and cracker distractions, and he’s game for wind and rain if necessary.  He doesn’t, however, like the choo-choo kiddy ride at the arcade…
  • We can’t subject Kate the dog to a kennel again.  She hates it to the point of trauma.  I’m not sure she ate the entire time we were gone.  We won’t do that again.

The weekend went by waaaay to fast, but it was good.  Traveling with my boys was good.  Seeing sunshine at the coast was good.  Painting (creating!) was AWESOME.

Hope you had a good one, too.  Happy Monday!

morning treasures



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Happy Monday!  The sun is shining, Spring is definitely springing up in my neck of the woods, and I’m not sure where my weekend went but another one bit the dust.  Here it was, according to my iPhone:

Spring 2014Flowering trees everywhere make me happy.

LowlersForrest lives to pick the “lowlers” in the yard beside the daycare.  He only picks the dandelions.  I figure he’s doing a public service.

Santiam passWe made a trip over the Santiam Pass on Saturday to clear out our Bend house for long-term renters.  I haven’t been over there in several years; wow, the weather was fabulous!

Ponderosa pinesThe yard is full of ponderosa pines.  Such a lovely contrast with the blue, blue sky.  I’m telling you, the weather was phenomenal!

Bono ForrestIf Bono and The Edge had a child together… He’s so excited, not because I made him wear the sunglasses and hat, but because he can see the baby on the screen.  Forrest’s latest obsession is watching all the videos of himself on my phone.  He can almost scroll through them, stopping and starting at will, but I still have to supervise so nothing will be erased, copied, or texted to Sri Lanka.

So, that was my weekend in pictures.  We also made a trip to Ikea for a kid table and chairs (already christened with lots of crayon scribbles, but that’s what it’s for!), worked around a VERY fussy baby yesterday as we unloaded the trailer and he just wanted to be held so he could take a nap, I finished up a good book (The Twelve, book two of a trilogy and book three isn’t out yet, darnit anyway), and we enjoyed the sunshine like no one’s business.

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?



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No that’s not a little man in a big forest.  It’s a little Forrest in a big world.  He’s 19 months as of Friday and already thinks he’s a 6-year-old.  Or maybe 7.  He decided on Saturday that there would be NO HOLDING HANDS while we trekked through the trees.  None.  Meh! he yells, which is his usually-loud way to say no, I’m doing it my way.  Meh!  Then off he went, no regard for trails or mud or ferns larger than his body in his path.  Meh!

He’s getting so big, our little man.  Every day brings more words and more understanding, more explorations and more laughter.  He’s speaking to us in full sentences that sound like, as our neighbor pointed out, Ozzy Osborne on a good day (aka complete gibberish), nodding or shaking his head, with inflection and tone.  Complete sentences we can’t understand, so we just answer back in context to what we’re doing – “You’re right, you aren’t supposed to feed the dog” – which so far satisfies everyone.  A couple weeks ago he started singing a song that sounded a lot like Farmer in the Dell, then I finally figured out it’s a naming song they do every day in daycare.  So now we sing Forrest is Here! on a regular basis, subbing in names of his classmates, animals, daddy, momma and dog-dog, over and over to his delight.  AND he finally started calling me Momma, which has been the best development all month.

Chase is the game of choice around our parts.  Changing a diaper has become a chase through the house, giggling baby on the run, arms flapping.  Putting on a coat and shoes is also a chase, unless we make it very clear we’re going Outside, so he’ll run over to climb up on the bench and tell us how to put on the shoes and gloves and a coat (I think that’s what he’s saying = ).  That’s if he lets us put on the shoes without a Meh! and lots of helping first.  There’s a lot of helping lately.  I’m trying to pad our time as needed because strapping into the car seat, getting the bread out for toast (or just bread, he’s been eating it plain lately, crust first), putting on socks and shoes, feeding the dog… all requires help.  I get out two brooms to sweep, one for each of us, then sweep again behind him because he likes to help.

And you know what?  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Despite some frustrations on all sides, some testing from his, some tears, I wouldn’t change a bit of this journey.  We are so blessed and lucky and privileged to watch Forrest grow, help him grow, and be a part of his life.  He has made our lives better and richer, our relationship better and richer, just for being.

I hope the big world is ready for our little Forrest.

And Happy Monday!  Mine didn’t start off in the best vein but I’m counting on smooth sailing for the rest of the week.  I’m reminding myself regularly today of the last words I said to Forrest when I dropped him off at daycare:

Have a GOOD DAY!



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Happy Monday!  So far, so good around here – hope the same applies to you.  Here’s what my weekend looked like through the lens of my iPhone:

Forrest and daffodils 18 mo

Forrest played with the tiny daffodils in the yard next to the daycare before we left on Friday.  He was having so much fun running around (hence the blurry baby) that he didn’t want to leave.  We’re having some mini tantrums lately when he doesn’t get what he wants…

iSunset 2.21.14

Had to stop for a picture of the sunset and the almost-biblical clouds on the way home.  I’m so happy the days are getting brighter again so I can see the sunrises and sunsets.  No two are the same and they never get old.

pirates take the ark

On Saturday morning the pirates stormed the ark.  It wasn’t pretty.  (I play with Forrest’s toys.  I’m not afraid to admit it.  He left the pirates there most of the weekend.  = )

Blue Saturday 2.22.14

We spent some time outside Saturday afternoon soaking up the blue sky and the sun, following the dog along the deer trails and through the bushes.  I really need to check with Matt about where the poison oak patches live…

reading with Daddy 18 mo

Sunday morning I finally went to bellydance class again (oh, the bliss!!  the joy!!  the sore body parts!!!) while Forrest hung out with Aunt Kara.  Then he and daddy read books before bed.  Forrest always looks so tiny next to his daddy – these two guys own my heart.

So how was your weekend?



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Wow, the weekend went by in a hurry!  Here are a few snippets, according to my Instagram feed:

velma on a bender

Apparently Velma had a rough night. That explains where the tequila went…


A massive electricity bill finally prompted us to grow up and install blinds. Big sigh. I start to feel like we’re living in a cave, even though I can raise them whenever I want. And it’s not like we’re at home all day, anyway. Sigh.

grapefruit sherbert with chocolate

The grapefruit sherbet loves a little chocolate sauce. Makes me feel like I’m eating a bowl full of those chocolate-orange balls you smack so they fall into wedges, you know those?

Pirate Forrest 1.26.14

Pirate Forrest dropped in for a visit. There was a lot of almost-naked baby time happening around here – he’s ruthless, I tell ya. He spent all morning yelling NO at the top of his lungs, too.

We walked down the hill to visit our neighbor Claire for a while on Saturday, went for a walk (ride) with the jogging stroller early freezing-Sunday morning, Matt and I broke styrofoam packing material across our heads for waaaay too long to delighted laughs, and we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was delightful.  Forrest refused all but a few bites and sips for dinner Friday night, then plowed through a full cup of mac n cheese, half an avocado, some crackers and some carrots last night.  I think he would have plowed through another cup of mac if it was made.  Kid is growing (and sleeping really well but I’m not celebrating that at ALL, Universe, really (because I don’t want to jinx it!)).

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope your weekend was full and fab, and here’s to a wonderful week ahead.  Right?

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Happy Monday!

The weekend flew by; we never made it to the library because we found plenty of other things to do.  Here’s the scoop, according to my iPhone:

Forrest in a sea of books.  This never gets old.  I'll keep adding to his library, too.

Forrest in a sea of books. This never gets old. I’ll keep adding to his library, too.

grapefruit jewels - sherbet-to-be

grapefruit jewels – sherbet-to-be

Said sherbet, inspired by this recipe

Said sherbet, inspired by this recipe

Enjoying the fog in our trees.

Enjoying the fog in our trees.

My paperwhites are fading into a new stage of delicate beauty.

My paperwhites are fading into a new stage of delicate beauty.

Can you see the mushrooms for the ferns?

Can you see the mushrooms for the ferns?

Good Ol McDonald found a new farm of animals...

Good Ol McDonald found a new farm of animals…

Made this yummy granola, only with pineapple, cranberries, toasted coconut and banana chips added to the mix.  YUM.

Made this yummy granola, only with pineapple, cranberries, toasted coconut and banana chips added to the mix. YUM.

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend, with an equally awesome week to come.



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We had rain on Saturday.  A lot of rain.  Matt was in the worst of it, attempting to find and divert the rivers of water that try to wash out our gravel driveway.  He’s an awesome hubby that way.

The tick-tock mouse jingle is stuck in my head and I don’t even like that show (morning baby TV).  I’m trying to implant Mio Mao instead because I do like that one.

Made these meatballs for dinner last night.  I used elk, and forgot to reduce the cooking time (it’s super lean and dries out quickly), but they were tasty all the same.  I also made her dipping sauce and the best peanut sauce we’ve found to date so at one point my entire kitchen was covered in sriracha, sesame oil, soy, lime juice, grated ginger, etc.  Could be worse!

Forrest work up early and unhappy this morning, while I was showering, so Matt had to get up with him = grumpy hubby/grumpy baby.  Hopefully it was an anomaly for Forrest, not a new cold or ear problem.  He has been chewing on his fingers a lot so maybe teething again?  It’s early for 2-year molars but all the rest came early.

I’m getting my flu shot at lunch today.  I’m crossing my fingers it does the trick – two of my guys have been out sick with a nasty cold/flu thing but I reside in a different room.  Fingers crossed.

I have to finish rearranging my kitchen already; I’m running out of room in my head to keep those plans going and keep track of other stuff too.  I recently did some drawer rearranging so my baking utensils and some oddball things have their own home and no longer clutter the spoon and spatula drawer next to the stove – score!

If you have cookie butter, add some to your oatmeal.  Wow.  Mind blowing.  If you don’t have cookie butter don’t go down that road… you’ll never come back.  = )

Happy Monday gang!



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Snowman christmas

Around my house we say Merry Christmas Adam! on the 23rd (get it?  It’s my dad’s fault…).  I finished wrapping everything yesterday afternoon, made Shutterbean’s Tropical Bark – which is truly to die for, don’t skip the lime zest – on Saturday, made another pan of caramels last night when Forrest decided to go to bed at 7:15 instead of 9:00, and it’s smooth sailing going forward.  I’ll post my weekly haiku tomorrow but otherwise I’m likely signing off for the week.

presents are wrapped

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, please be safe, have a wonderful time, kiss your loved ones, and be full of cheer.  And maybe a mimosa or two.  xoxo

snug in our beds





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