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lilac path

There are days I hate the commute, the 40-60 minute drive each way to daycare/work, then home again in the evening when I’m tired and other drivers are tired, and we’re all a little grumpy.  I remember the days of living closer in, having a shorter drive even though the same grumpy drivers shared the road…

Plum done

Then I think about how much I love my home, love living in a place where the loudest sound on a Friday night is the frogs croaking, the very distant barking of a neighbor’s dog (or yip and howl of coyotes), and maybe a plane flying waaay overhead.  Where the lizards sun themselves on the rock wall and our driveway; where tiny snails leave trails on the sidewalk, chipmunks taunt the dog from the rocks, hawks and eagles fly overhead, too many birds to count visit on a daily basis, and the owls hoot in the trees at night; where a small herd of deer cross our lawn and stop to stare at us through the windows.

Tiny snail

Sure, we have a lot of bugs but we get to have lots of trees and native wildflowers and all sorts of wildlife too.

Wild iris 2015

The convenience of a shorter drive is so deeply eclipsed by living closer to Mother Nature.

Sunset 4.9.15

Happy Earth Day, friends.  Let’s take care of our planet and each other today, shall we?  xoxo



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Work rocksI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I love rocks, I collect rocks, my husband collects rocks, and we could probably pave a small driveway with our combined collections.  Okay, that’s a leetle bit of an exaggeration but still… Rocks and shells that is.  I could definitely pave a driveway with the shells.

My office building is in a loop of other buildings with a single driveway off the main drag that’s lined with 2 rock beds.  Last year the old beds were dug up and new river rock put in; shortly after I was walking to the driveway one afternoon to drop off a package and the sun was angled just right to catch the warm glow of an agate peeking out of the pile.  I especially love agates so I tucked it in my pocket then put it on my desk.  Then scoured the beds each time I walked up there to see if I could find more.  This is my collections of little found treasures at work – acorns, agates, crystallized rocks and seed pods that make me so very happy.  They’re gathered in a bowl now on the reception sitting area table in hopes our visitors will find them interesting too (because heaven knows I don’t need more rocks at home!).

Do you collect any little treasures, natural or not?



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I love the little creatures we find in nature around our house (no, not all of them, I could do without many of the bugs) – chipmunks, squirrels, birds, deer, lizards, snakes, frogs… I’m sure I’m not the only nature nerd out there so for my fellow nature lovers (please pardon the blurry iPhone pics) I present to you:

Black lizard on a rock! (most likely Western Fence Lizard or Blue-Belly)


Frog on a sedum! (Pacific Tree Frog, perhaps?)

Tree frogBlue-Tailed Skink! (thanks to my hubby for hand modeling):


Nature is the best.

= )



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