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But my due date is tomorrow.  Wish me luck!  I’ve been busily trying to finish everything I can think of around home and work, waiting for Baby Boy to make his appearance…and trying not to get impatient.  All my intentions to blog over the last week were waylaid by making a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, making banana bread and muffins, getting my phone set up with music for the hospital, doing some ironing, taking care of the oddball laundry that has piled up in the utility room, futzing in the Nursdio, checking my hospital bag again, writing up procedures for my Temp replacement at work, updating old procedure write-ups, checking the car seat again, finalizing my birth plan, going over the piles of papers I’ve accumulated regarding childbirth and babies over the past 9 months to make sure I haven’t missed something vital, getting my phone numbers in order…you know, the usual stuff.  = )

I did take time last week to wander the yard for a bit and enjoy nature.  Because nature is blossoming and blooming and pollinating and springing up and I’m still waiting…

We have a bumper crop of these slightly sweet but also tart thimble berries this year.

The Black Eyed Susans are starting to bloom.

Don’t these fledgling blackberries look like nests full of little green eggs?

The bees are busy doing their bee things.

At this point there’s no medical reason to induce, at least not until next week if I make it that far, so I don’t have a definite date to pinpoint when Baby Boy will be born and it’s driving me a bit crazy.  Much as I would love to say-la-vee the situation (to put it phonetically) I find I’m much more impatient than I ever thought I would be to welcome this baby to our lovely world.

I *am* still enjoying the feel of him moving inside me, though.  I’ll miss that greatly when it’s gone.  Well, maybe not the nerve pain that stabs down my right leg on occasion, but the rest of it for sure.

Wish me luck he’ll be there soon!




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  • Last night I took the camera along when I trundled the garbage to the end of the driveway (that steep climb back up the driveway was a drag on my preggo body, but good for me!) – all these sweet growing things are showing their best sides right now – a few of the pics are included here.
  • I realized I haven’t been looking for egg shards this year, then promptly found a badly mangled one in middle of the driveway, then a fabulous one on the way in to work this morning.  Like I don’t have enough already (pics 3 and 4 are some of them), but Yay!
  • We’re supposed to hit temps in the 80s this weekend…as long as it stops at 85 I won’t complain too much…

  • I purchased some papers from my local, much-loved Paper Source and I think they’ll work on the cabinet redo – I hope to play with those this weekend.  I need to rebuff the top, though, and prime it better.  Stay tuned!
  • Last night’s dinner was one of our staples – grilled teriyaki chicken, brown rice and fresh mango.  YUM.  As long as I remember to marinate the chicken thighs in Yoshida’s the night before, this dinner goes together in an hour start to finish.  Can’t beat that!
  • I’m loving these new bracelets by Kelly Rae Roberts.  So sweet!  “Love Wide” is my fave.

  • Matt and I are addicted to Big Bang Theory.  We both have a bit of nerd personality going on…
  • Mom, Sis and family are coming over for a Mother’s Day grilling on Sunday and every time I think of Mother’s Day now I get this excited thrill that I’M A MOTHER TOO!!  Such a thrill, even though he’s still kicking my belly button and sending me to the bathroom on a regular basis.  = )
  • What are you up to this weekend??



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