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Soon to be wild cherry 4.3.16 More wild cherry 4.3.16 Wild cherry blossoms 4.3.16




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Wow, this must be a record for least-number-of-posts-in-a-month since I started this blog in January of last year, so this post may ramble.  I wish I could change my header, that bleak and snowy picture up there, but not so much – it snowed yesterday, again today, and who knows what the rest of this week will bring.   Tomorrow is SPRING, darnit anyway!  At my elevation, at home, we’re always behind the times for plants and flowers but usually I see a few more pops of color by this time of year.  There are trees blooming (non-fruiting, with any luck?) in the lower areas but it seems waaaay too cold out there for the bumbledy-bees to bee out doing their thing.  Big sigh.  I’m ready for more spring, more sunshine, and a few more daffodils (but got a hint of spring at least, in this picture above).  Never did get around to making these last year, either, or I could gaze at them…I even bought the goodies…pathetic…

So where have I been this month?  Gestating, mainly.  Not taking pictures, so not feeling like I have anything to post (because there are only so many pictures of snow on trees I can take).  Working on the Nursdio (the Nursery and Studio are sharing one room) and wondering how I’ve managed to acquire so much stuff, and how I managed to stuff that stuff in one rather not-so-big room…plus two storage areas that need to be rearranged slightly as I attempt to store the stuff I don’t want to part with, so that what I might use (stop laughing, Liz!) is accessible in the lower storage and I don’t have to climb the rickety ladder to get anything out of the upper storage (seriously, Liz, knock it off  = ).  Because there are projects I want to work on in the Nursdio before and after the baby gets here, other than the Nursery, so the stuff needs to be get-to-able.

And then there’s this crazy March snow messing with my head.  I like snow, I think I’ve said it here before, because it’s (usually) not a frequent occurrence in Oregon ESPECIALLY NOT IN MARCH but come on.  Totally messin’ with my head.  We had snow here, and here, and I woke up on the 13th to this:

Notice those branches in the driveway?  The wind storm the day before knocked those down and brought the snowy weather with it.

at 7:00 o’clock in the morning on a snowy day, conditions aren’t exactly perfect for taking pictures but I have to document this crap! = )

Then, a bare three days later on March 16th, I notice this on my way home, right next to the mailboxes.  My trees at home aren’t blooming yet but 1/4 mile down the road there are signs of life, hooray!

Aaaand, back to snow this weekend.  While puttering in the kitchen yesterday afternoon I looked outside to see the sun shining in a blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds… and snow falling at the same time.  Wispy snow, but snow all the same.  I couldn’t figure out how to take a picture that anyone would believe.  This morning I finally saw the perfect tiny single snowflake fall on the lining just outside my car window but since I was sitting at a light that had just turned green there was no chance to grab the camera and document that before it melted away.

Other than snow, March has also brought confirmation that we’re having a BABY BOY!!  Big HOORAY for that one.  Matt and I would have been happy either way but I’m glad we’re having a boy to carry on the family name.  And run around the property, drag dirt into the house, play with cars, and love his momma more than anyone else.  Sure, a girl could do all that too, but we get a boy this time.

March also brought my 36th birthday yesterday.  Hello 35, how times have changed, no?


We were working toward this but I had no idea what a wild and wonderful, weird and beautiful trip pregnancy would be.  But that’s an entire rambling post of it’s own I’ll save for later.  For now, here’s me: 36 years old and just shy of 22 weeks along… wowsa.  I did make a red velvet cake again this year, a layer cake using a slightly different cake recipe (but the same delicious frosting), but did I remember to take pictures?  Nope.  It was all dressed and prettily sitting on my grandmother’s antique cake stand too.   I’ll see how the leftovers are looking when I get home, they may rate a snapshot or two.  We’ll see.  Just came across a recipe for biscuit cinnamon rolls (swoon!!  swoon-swoon!) that may be the recipient of the extra frosting this year…nom nom nom.  Does that sound good, Baby Boy?? [wow, that got a kick, which I’m taking as a YES!]

Speaking of, Baby Boy, do you suppose you could release some of my brain waves for other things?  Don’t worry, I won’t forget about you for an instant (not with those kicks and jabs!), but there are things I want to do right now.  You’ll be with me for every one of them, too, I promise.

I love you, little guy.  Daddy and I can’t wait to meet you in July.  Maybe we’ll have some sunshine by then.  = )

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