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We’re gearing up around here for a big bang of an end-of-summer weekend, with expected temps in the 90s before we drop down into the 70s on Tuesday for the first day of Autumn.  Bang, bang!

I’ll be inside enjoying the coolness while I tackle my to-do list (OK, to-do notebook – I wrote a page for each room/area in the house and what I wanted to accomplish there, from cleaning out and purging the overflowing cupboards to painting walls – yeehaw!).  I’m planning to make headway on the hanging puzzle piece that’s throwing my head into chaos right now – the great toddler bed makeover needs to get DONE so I can shuffle the rest of the pieces into place.  I also have a pile of 10-minute projects that need to be OFF MY PLATE already, and some bigger projects to do once the bed is done.  There is no end to what I want to do these days.  Good thing Forrest pulls me out of the weeds and into fun on a regular basis.

Happy Friday, loved ones!  Hope you enjoy your weekend in the best way possible.



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