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(I know, you can hear crickets around here.  I mostly Instagram these days – flowers!  dance!  new studio!!  I’m finding more time for photos than stories, which makes me a little sad, but I’m also in a time of transition.  Lots of grasshoppers and crickets showing up in life, which seems to point to a leap (crawl, swim, dance) in a new direction – new website?  new hobby?  new???  We’ll see!)




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On a mission

I like to play with Forrest’s toys…



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Lounging at breakfast 9.5 mo

(He likes to lounge while eating – look at that adorable little foot!  Love, love, love this kid.)



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This FIRST DAY OF SPRING (yes, I’m shouting it from the rooftops as I dodge rain, reach for my sunglasses, hold my skirt down in the wind and simultaneously turn the heat up and down while driving in the car), don’t be like me –

Broken iPad

And drive off (yesterday morning) with your iPad on the roof of the car.  Yes, I did tell myself NOT to do that, not to leave it there because you’ll forget it naaah I won’t, and then did it anyway.  Can you see the clear tape?

DO hope to be lucky like me because –

Broken ipad orchids

it still works!  Camera, charging, surfing, Angry Birding, music, all of it.  There are some nasty cracks in the screen and eventually when I save my pennies I’ll send it in for a replacement but WHEW!  Lucky me, must have been birthday-related luck on this one.

And YAY for the gorgeous orchid, thanks Mom and Dad!  It makes a fine iPad camera test subject.  = )



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