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5 Years of Together

From the back wedding pic

Five years ago tomorrow we were married in our own backyard, surrounded by a lot more people than I ever expected, on a day that started out crazy windy/busy/tense/busy but turned out to be perfect.  I scored my dress at a sale and Mom bought me the most beautiful veil from an entirely different store, but it matched perfectly.  I chose to do most of the planning and making myself because I wanted what I wanted (right, Mom?):

  • Folded and made ornaments from around 250 origami cranes for favors.  Packaged them up all pretty, too.
  • Created our Save the Dates and invitations from scratch, but never did get a picture.
  • Made the ring pillow.
  • Cleaned so many windows my arms were as ripped as they ever have been.  Which isn’t saying that much.
  • Made my bouquet, my girls’ bouquets, the corsages and the boutonnieres.  My friend Leslie helped put together jars of flowers for the tables.
  • Cut our “S” monogram cake topper from a favorite copper printing plate that was at the end of its previous life.
  • Made the stand for the big 3-tier cake.
  • Chose all the candies and pretty glass containers to go into a kick-ass Candy Bar display.
  • Made the fabric pieces to go on the center of our big round tables (yards and yards of fabric, washed, ironed, and ripped down to size – whew!).
  • Helped lay the 10,000 sq ft of sod that went into our yard in preparation.  There was a lot of preparation to get the yard ready.  And lots of worrying about the rainy summer that year.
  • Made anklets for me and my girls out of beach glass found in Mexico (where he proposed) and beads that matched the wedding colors, then forgot to wear mine.
  • Planned to make our guest book but made the wise decision near the end to let that go and use a beautiful National Parks book instead.  Then forgot to have anyone announce guests should write all over it!
  • Worried about things that didn’t matter in the end.
  • Would make very few changes if I did it all over again.

Taking vows

I recruited a dear friend (and Mom for carrot cake) to make our cakes (and decorate them too – go Leslie!), recruited another friend to sing The Nearness of You during the ceremony, recruited my Mom to do the most awesome wedding buffet ever, recruited another friend to officiate, recruited the most awesome photographer ever (photos in this post are Jenn’s), recruited the entire wedding party to help setup that day… We wanted to throw a big party for our friends and family, and get married while they were are all there, so that’s what we did (and messed up the rings, too, because I gave the Best Man Matt’s ring instead of mine…).  It was crazy fun, a little stressful, and beautiful.  Kids ran around, we laughed and ate and drank and I still don’t always remember everyone who was there.  It was perfectly us.

Cutting cake

Just don’t smash it in my face!

Life is not always perfect, not always easy, but I’m happy.  There’s no one else I would choose to live this life with.  And damn, we make cute babies.

I love you, Matt.


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Summer Lovin’

7.12.15 Master of the waterverse 7.12.15 Big slide 7.11.15 Kissing bubbles

Bubbles, playgrounds, sprinklers and splash pads – repeat.  We’re spending our summer weekends soaking up the sun and the water and the fun.  How about you?

Happy Monday, gang.  = )


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Dear Forrest

6.22.15 Forrest with bubbles

I wrote this 7 months ago.  Not sure why I never posted it, but my have times changed:

On Saturday morning I was woken from a dead-to-the-world sleep by a loud voice blaring from the monitor:


By the time I stumbled out of bed, grabbed my glasses and made a pit stop he was down to yelling Momma! while alternating with whining.  When I walked in his room the whining cut right off and he sat up and said “Baby little crying.”  Yup, sounds like it, kid.  It was a cheerful morning so after we grabbed his two blankets he waved at his bed, saying “By crib, night-night,” then told me “Go downstairs!”

We settle on the couch to watch “elephant, giraffe, monkey” – an episode of Chuggington that has the aforementioned trio.  We discuss “monkey scared?” and “train scared?” because they do indeed scare each other before all is resolved.  Before the 30 minutes was up, he turned around on my lap to implore “fruuiiits?” with a sweet smile.  Fruits are fruit snacks.  When I say OK he slides down onto the floor, saying “I beat you!” as he runs for his little table and chair in the dining area.  Up he climbs on the chair, pulling his table to him with a squeal on the hardwood floors.

I bring over a packet of fruit snacks along with his milk and water.  He already knows to look for the little slice in the wrapper to pull open the package – I showed him once, and that’s all it took.  He happily starts eating his fruits as I putter around the kitchen, asking “Do you want a banana?  Some toast?  Some crunchy cereal?” Sometimes he’ll respond “No, no, nooooo” and be perfectly happy with just Fruits, other times he wants it all, and often eats it all.  Lately he asks for “pbutter toast?”

After breakfast we head upstairs so I can take a shower.  Our bathroom holds a loud dumptruck, 4 pull-back cars, a set of three stacking cars, and a plastic piano that plinks like no-one’s business.  I once gave him a set of hair chopsticks to use with the piano so he opens my drawer at the sink to dig those out as I remind him “Just the sticks.  The rest isn’t for you to play with.”  I’m still amazed this usually works.

I shower with the door open while he plays, often narrating his actions or singing as he plays on the piano…

Now Forrest is almost 3.  He has his own bedroom and big-boy bed, we have a relatively stress-free bedtime (hard fought and hard won, and NEVER taken for granted!), and when he wakes up in the morning he runs upstairs to find me.  Usually before 6:00am.  Sigh.

He gets his own fruits now from the pantry, and sometimes his own crackers.  If he could reach the cereal he could take care of that too.  Same with the milk.  I’m not ready for his complete access to a jug of milk…

He has a funny sense of humor, laughs at the pratfalls in his cartoons, and deliberately makes the wrong sound for the animals in his books, or says things like “E is for apple!” and laughs.  He writes his numbers and the alphabet already.  I find that shocking, but he often wants to play with sidewalk chalk when we get home in the evenings and often wants to write letters so we do.  He also started drawing pictures of his own things – a bat!  and elephant with one leg!  A hippo, and those are his little eyes!  He lives for playing outside, and we can let him play a bit on his own now with monitoring and a willingness to sweep all the gravel off the driveway.

He’s growing so fast.  Every day he changes a little and grows more and makes life connections.  I miss him from 7 months ago, I miss him as a tiny little guy, but I wouldn’t change now for anything.

We love you, Forrest!



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