Wordy Wednesday – Bliss

2.21.15 Tolovana Park

Last Saturday we enjoyed a jewel of a day at the Oregon Coast, crowned by the magic of a beautiful sunset.  We were heading for Cannon Beach and Forrest was so excited to see the ocean.  As soon as we hit the beach he said “Let’s go in there!” but changed his tune when the cold, wet sand touched his bare feet.  He did let his feet get a little wet and also had fun running from the waves with me, walking in the “snow” (the dry sand), and playing with Piper’s toys when he spotted her playing with here mommy and daddy up the beach.  2.5-year-olds have no problem zeroing in on a stranger’s toys but they really don’t know how to share yet.  : )

2.21.15 Forrest at the beach

I love the ocean air, the sound of the waves, collecting shells while enjoying the wet sand on my bare feet, and the sun especially this time of year; wow was that a treat.  I was fighting a new cold and a sore throat but still – bliss.  After a nap we came back out at sunset so Matt could do some razor-clamming in Seaside.

2.21.15 running for Daddy

Again, Forrest loved running around on the beach, chasing waves and tracking down Daddy in the dark.  It was all fun and games until snack time, when our hungry dog knocked him down in the wet sand, trying to get the teddy grahams…poor Forrest cried the entire way back to our warm car.  We snuggled in with crackers and baby videos on my phone while Matt caught his limit.

Matt clamming

The razor clams were darn tasty, too.



Just Start

Traffic Cone

I’ve had very little caffeine this week, not for any particular reason but that it feels like a good choice right now.  I doubt it’s forever.  Decaf green tea with half a spoon of turmeric honey stirred in is floating my boat instead.  More fruits, veggies and whole foods and less junk is feeling good too.

I’ve finally been exercising again, sometimes 5 times a week.  Some days it’s a 2 + mile walk at lunch, others it’s a mashup of HIIT routines in the evening.  I’m planning to add some dancing in the evenings too because I went and signed up to dance at the final ever Bellydance Showcase in late April (it’s a blast, there are great vendors, and you’ll see all levels of dance in an amazing, supportive environment – join me!  I’m Raven on Sunday afternoon).  It feels good.

I’ve been listening to this awesome podcast during my lunchtime walks – Raise Your Hand.  Say Yes.  Tiffany Han talks to creative people (and believes deeply in Just Start).  I know many of these names, I follow many of their blogs, I already admire their creativity and I love to hear other creative people talk about everything that goes into getting there, staying there, and being there.  Yes!

I want to make a business out of being creative – art, craft, vintage, what have you (talk about an inspiring lady!).  I think that means I need to change my brand from Curly Girl Press to something else – I have no brand or presence out there right now, I know this, yet I feel like I would be falsely riding the coat tails of Curly Girl Designs, a brand I really love and respect, in keeping my current name.  She’s worked too hard to have someone else try to come in to the industry who works with paper, often in collage, even if what I do isn’t what she does so well, AND with a brand name one word off of her’s.  The names are too close for me to feel respectful.  I may write and ask her opinion.

I would like to work 4 days at my day job and 1 at my creative life during the week.  That will mean some significant changes in the background – some loss of income, some changes at home, but it’s the only way I can see to make positive steps in the direction of becoming self-employed because trying to do it all on the weekend isn’t working.  I would gladly donate a good portion of my wardrobe for some house elves but I don’t think that’s an option, either…

I’m talking this all through with Matt.

Hi Universe, this is me taking that first step.  This is me making plans and setting goals.  This is me getting unstuck.  This is me raising my hand and saying yes, and *starting*.

Let’s go.


Morning skyLunchtime skyEvening sky


Wordless Wednesday – Sky

Sunrise fog 2.11.15 Early evening sky Blue sky trees



Tiny Treasures Tuesday

2.8.15 ForrestHe can be such a stinker, until he’s sick then he’s such a cuddle-bunny… and I miss the stinker.  Even when he’s taller than me and weighs twice as much as I do, when he has children of his own, forever and always he’ll be my most treasured Tiny Treasure.




BackboneOld world mushroomsLegs and gillsTiny spiralHome


Almost 2.5 1.24.15

The sun was shining so we headed for the playground in town.  We don’t live close to one so I don’t take him as often as I should – sometimes I think I’m stunting his growth in the world of climbing and jumping and taking risks, but I do what I can do.

Can I take a picture?  I said, standing at the bottom of the big slide watching his hair standing static-straight; he chose this pose, utterly relaxed and looking just like me and his daddy at the same time.  He’s 2 1/2 years old on Saturday.  2.5 years since he went from the bumps and wiggles and hiccups inside to the smiles and wiggles and yells and frowns outside.

The basics: he’s 37 1/2″ tall, about 32 pounds.  He’s long-waisted like me, and has monkey arms inherited from both of us.  During his second big-boy haircut a couple weeks ago I realized the last of his baby blond is almost gone.  He was never a tow head like dad, but obviously didn’t get my curly black either, and now he’s growing into his own shade.  And his grey/blue/hazel/brownish eyes are going definitely brown…hazel…brownish/hazel.  We both have brown so anything else was a long shot.  He’ll eat about anything you’ll give him (especially yogurt, Cuties, fruit snacks and cucumber slices) though he’s turned his nose up at curried chicken soup and chicken bacon artichoke pizza.  Silly child.

Almost 2.5 on playground

He’s so sweet, and so ornery at the same time.  In the span of 5 minutes he will politely say thank you as I hand him a cookie then smash said cookie and throw half across the table with a shriek of  laughter.  I still carry him downstairs from his crib almost every morning and if I bump the door on the way out he’ll say “sorry mommy” and pat my arm gently.  Lately he throws his arms wide and flies my direction for LoveLoves (hugs) but refuses most mornings to kiss daddy goodbye as we leave.  He has a bit of a temper.

He counts everything and wonders where the 10 went if there’s only 9 items.  We count together to 50, but he often says “30-ten” instead of 40.  He puts his alphabet puzzle together entirely on his own and points out the letters on iphone games (H for hippo-ottamus!) and signs around town, and when he accidentally makes a 4 in his mustard or a G while sketching on the iPad.  He can run the iPad entirely on his own, which was never my intention but is fabulous when I just need 10 minutes to get something done.  He sings and talks most of his waking hours.  I have a bookcase full of board books he won’t read anymore because he wants to read the Big Books from the library instead – it was a sad day when we had to give back There’s an Alligator Under My Bed.

He LOOOOOOVES Sophia.  And her big long legs.  And her knees.  And her big long elbows.  His go-to is still Chuggington but we’ve been enjoying TinkerBell movies with picnic dinner in front of the couch (I looooove TinkerBell  = ).  I think we’re just about ready to try a movie at the theater.

He has no interest in potty training.  He sits on the toilet every night before bed and I’ve tried bribing with train stickers, but nothing.  I’ve tried explaining that he has diaper rash and it hurts so badly because he didn’t tell mommy his diaper was dirty and he nods in understanding, but… still doesn’t tell me.  When he doesn’t want to be in bed at night or for a nap he often yells “Mommy, daddy, dog-dog!” and “I have a poopy diaper!”  He seems to be giving up his daily nap.  Arrrgh.

Almost 2.5 on slide

Even on the days when I’ve had to push him out the door, stomping and crying, because I’m not going to be late for work so he can watch another episode of Doc McStuffins, I can’t help being incredibly in love with this kid.  His smile lights up the room.  His crying can break my heart.  When he reaches for my hand I have to remind myself that we, Matt and I, made this little miracle of a child together, and he’s our to keep.

Remind me of all of this when he’s 15, okay?




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