Dear Forrest

6.22.15 Forrest with bubbles

I wrote this 7 months ago.  Not sure why I never posted it, but my have times changed:

On Saturday morning I was woken from a dead-to-the-world sleep by a loud voice blaring from the monitor:


By the time I stumbled out of bed, grabbed my glasses and made a pit stop he was down to yelling Momma! while alternating with whining.  When I walked in his room the whining cut right off and he sat up and said “Baby little crying.”  Yup, sounds like it, kid.  It was a cheerful morning so after we grabbed his two blankets he waved at his bed, saying “By crib, night-night,” then told me “Go downstairs!”

We settle on the couch to watch “elephant, giraffe, monkey” – an episode of Chuggington that has the aforementioned trio.  We discuss “monkey scared?” and “train scared?” because they do indeed scare each other before all is resolved.  Before the 30 minutes was up, he turned around on my lap to implore “fruuiiits?” with a sweet smile.  Fruits are fruit snacks.  When I say OK he slides down onto the floor, saying “I beat you!” as he runs for his little table and chair in the dining area.  Up he climbs on the chair, pulling his table to him with a squeal on the hardwood floors.

I bring over a packet of fruit snacks along with his milk and water.  He already knows to look for the little slice in the wrapper to pull open the package – I showed him once, and that’s all it took.  He happily starts eating his fruits as I putter around the kitchen, asking “Do you want a banana?  Some toast?  Some crunchy cereal?” Sometimes he’ll respond “No, no, nooooo” and be perfectly happy with just Fruits, other times he wants it all, and often eats it all.  Lately he asks for “pbutter toast?”

After breakfast we head upstairs so I can take a shower.  Our bathroom holds a loud dumptruck, 4 pull-back cars, a set of three stacking cars, and a plastic piano that plinks like no-one’s business.  I once gave him a set of hair chopsticks to use with the piano so he opens my drawer at the sink to dig those out as I remind him “Just the sticks.  The rest isn’t for you to play with.”  I’m still amazed this usually works.

I shower with the door open while he plays, often narrating his actions or singing as he plays on the piano…

Now Forrest is almost 3.  He has his own bedroom and big-boy bed, we have a relatively stress-free bedtime (hard fought and hard won, and NEVER taken for granted!), and when he wakes up in the morning he runs upstairs to find me.  Usually before 6:00am.  Sigh.

He gets his own fruits now from the pantry, and sometimes his own crackers.  If he could reach the cereal he could take care of that too.  Same with the milk.  I’m not ready for his complete access to a jug of milk…

He has a funny sense of humor, laughs at the pratfalls in his cartoons, and deliberately makes the wrong sound for the animals in his books, or says things like “E is for apple!” and laughs.  He writes his numbers and the alphabet already.  I find that shocking, but he often wants to play with sidewalk chalk when we get home in the evenings and often wants to write letters so we do.  He also started drawing pictures of his own things – a bat!  and elephant with one leg!  A hippo, and those are his little eyes!  He lives for playing outside, and we can let him play a bit on his own now with monitoring and a willingness to sweep all the gravel off the driveway.

He’s growing so fast.  Every day he changes a little and grows more and makes life connections.  I miss him from 7 months ago, I miss him as a tiny little guy, but I wouldn’t change now for anything.

We love you, Forrest!


heart cloud

This was too good not to share – Kelly Rae turned 40 (right behind you, girl!) and she’s having a HUGE sale.  I already own her creative e-biz book Flying Lessons, but now she’s offering a bundle of her painting course, the e-biz book, and her Wear your Joy Project course for only $99!!  That’s an amazing deal.  Head on over here for all the how-to’s and details.  Offer ends June 25th.

Go, go, go!!


(This message contains an affiliate link for Flying Lessons, because I love to support, and be supported by, the things I believe in.  The link to Kelly Rae’s Bundle sale is all her own. = )




Photo by Amanda Fall, founder and editor.

It’s that time again – the month is halfway over, time is flying faster than I can keep up, and the next issue of The Phoenix Soul is available for my enjoyment.  Aaaaah.  Now to schedule the candle-lit bath with bubbles and glass of wine in advance so I don’t forget for the next issue…

Tenacity – perseverance, determination, persistence.  The strength to go on.  Pushing through.  I don’t think of myself as tenacious until I remember what being the mom of a newborn is like – keep pushing on, momma, you do have the strength.  Until I remember what is was like to voluntarily use the print lab in college during the graveyard shift (10:00pm – 5:00am) because I wanted and needed the time to spread out and work at my own pace on the big press and I was determined to make it happen; those were the glory days.  Until I remember each day to seek the joy in the sorrow, to choose happiness and light and laughter – to persist in the face of so many things that could drag me down.  Tenacity for the win, gang.

Find your issue of Tenacity here.  Better yet, subscribe for 6 or 12 months so this beautiful indie mag keeps coming to you each month.  It’s a feast for the soul.

(This message contains affiliate links, because I love to support, and be supported by, the things I believe in.)

Ode to the Dragonfly

I love, love, love dragonflies.  My college printmaking work focused on dragonflies.  Very early in our relationship my now-husband took me to see his property, where he was building his dream home, and there were so many dragonflies – more than I’ve ever seen in one place before – that I knew this would be my home too someday.  I have a dragonfly tattoo on my left side.  I have several dragon nymph casings and found dragonflies in my collection of nature stuff.  They never cease to amaze and delight me, and fill me with wonder.  Dragonflies are my spirit animal.

We always have some flying around at home this time of year but they’re skittish and elusive, and difficult to photograph.  Last weekend, though, a few came to visit and stayed still long enough to photograph – joy! elation!  euphoria!  I used my iPhone 4s for the red dragonfly, and my little Sony Cyber-shot for the brown.  Pure bliss, these photos.  I just can’t get enough.

Now if I could only get the hummingbirds to stay still…

Red closeup Brown wing closeup Brown DF above Brown DF Red DF


Wordless Wednesday

BW fern detailBW ferns


Puffballs Forever

Inside the fluff Weeds in Waiting Soft and fuzzy Insider

I’ve been known to swerve off the road (safely of course) and tromp through a field to snap pictures of these giant puffball weeds (salsify, I believe) because they fascinate me.  And I can get nifty alien shots of them pretty easily.  My plan is to put a little installation of these photos up somewhere in my house.

Top one was yesterday, all the way down to 2011.  I just can’t get enough.



Wordless Wednesday





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