Mostly Wordless Wednesday



(I know, you can hear crickets around here.  I mostly Instagram these days – flowers!  dance!  new studio!!  I’m finding more time for photos than stories, which makes me a little sad, but I’m also in a time of transition.  Lots of grasshoppers and crickets showing up in life, which seems to point to a leap (crawl, swim, dance) in a new direction – new website?  new hobby?  new???  We’ll see!)



8.13.16 Hot air balloonsBalloons in a rowBalloon landing



Wordless Wednesday

Heart of the matterHelper beeGolden thyme



Rainbow bubblesBigger bubblesBetween earth and skyBubble viewRainbow bubble maker





Cact-eye IIBurst of pinkBlue sky thistle afterBlue sky thistleThistle seedsPokey
(been out of touch here for a while…sorting out life… = )



Suntipped fern curlBokeh pink flowersEgg shard