Rainbow bubblesBigger bubblesBetween earth and skyBubble viewRainbow bubble maker





Cact-eye IIBurst of pinkBlue sky thistle afterBlue sky thistleThistle seedsPokey
(been out of touch here for a while…sorting out life… = )



Suntipped fern curlBokeh pink flowersEgg shard



Wordless Wednesday

Lilac finally 4.16.16Wild berries 4.16.16Bud 4.16.16



Wordless Wednesday

Soon to be wild cherry 4.3.16 More wild cherry 4.3.16 Wild cherry blossoms 4.3.16



Magnolias upMagnolia dropsMagnolia drops tooMagnolia heartMagnolia flame




Spring is in the air

Spring is almost a month away but the trees and daffodils and helebore are blooming, the robins are calling each morning, and blue skies are a welcome sight.  It’s my very most favoritest month:

Spring blossoms branch 2.25.16 Spring blossoms III 2.25.16 Spring blossoms II 2.25.16 Plum blossoms 2.25.16 Spring blossoms 2.25.16

Happy Friday!


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