Blurry drop



Mandala 19.1



Wordless Wednesday

Sunrise with Venus 10.27.15Sunrise with Venus blur



Wordless Wednesday

Scarlet leaf 2015October sunsetOctober sunset to the NW



Wordless Wednesday

Sunrise with balloon 9.29.15



Wordless Wednesday

Butterfly kite wedding day



Mandalas: I’m obsessed!  They’re so fun to draw – It’s relaxing.  It’s the perfect little thing when I need a 10-minute brain break at work.  It’s a rewarding way to create something daily.  No two will ever be alike.  BUT I can scan and save them to play with or color later, too.  L O V E

Mandala 1 resizeMandala 2.2 resizeMandala 3 comboMandala 4 resizeMandala 5 resizeMandala 6 resizeMandala 7 blank resizeMandala 7.1 resize



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