Wordless Wednesday

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Puffballs Forever

Inside the fluff Weeds in Waiting Soft and fuzzy Insider

I’ve been known to swerve off the road (safely of course) and tromp through a field to snap pictures of these giant puffball weeds (salsify, I believe) because they fascinate me.  And I can get nifty alien shots of them pretty easily.  My plan is to put a little installation of these photos up somewhere in my house.

Top one was yesterday, all the way down to 2011.  I just can’t get enough.



Wordless Wednesday




Haiku for Peonies


The sweet, spicy scent

Of peonies reminds me –

I deserve the best



I’m slowly beginning to see a way forward to growing my own creative practice again (and business, maybe?) and one thing that popped up for me recently and filled me with light was a couple of affiliate programs for bloggers/artists/creators I follow and want to support (making a little money is an added benefit, sure, but I won’t support what I don’t believe in.  And I will always make a note when I’m including an affiliate link).

Flying Lessons 500x168 Badge





I’ve had this e-book for a while.  I started it, stopped it, started again, had a baby, and now I’m ready to take another look at how I might grow my future creative biz.  Kelly Rae’s words and ideas and art and heart speak so deeply to me, that possibilitarian attitude, that sense that I can do or be anything…that I hope you find joy and meaning in Flying Lessons too.  Find it here.  (psst – affiliate link!  : )

Another heartfelt, heart-full publication I stumbled on not too long ago (via Instagram surfing, I believe), is The Phoenix Soul online magazine (psst – another affiliate link! : ).  I found Amanda as the creator of Sprout Magazine and then watched her transformation to The Phoenix Soul – each month Amanda creates and curates the most beautiful gathering of truth and beauty, vulnerability and celebration; she even publishes photos from Instagram that catch her eye and speak to her heart (it’s so fun to see my photos in The Phoenix Soul!).  I’m so very proud to be part of The Phoenix Soul affiliate program too.  Care to buy an issue or subscribe?  You won’t regret it.

My dear friend Linda doesn’t have an affiliate program but must be mentioned here as well.  She’s a pranic healer, teacher, and really good soul – you can find her here.

My other dear friend Linda is an incredible encaustic artist, teacher, author and workshop-leader extraordinaire.  Find her here (and take a class!  buy her books!).

Now if my friend Nicole would open an Etsy shop for her awesome art, I’d include that too…

I have a total girl crush on fellow curly-girl sisters Lacy and Kayla.  They cover heart, body, mind and soul like no one’s business, so check them out too.  My Angel Reading with Kayla has been a recent turning point for my creative life when I thought it was gone for good (or at least until Forrest moved out of the house).  Those two are just JOY.

I could go on and on.  There’s a lot of junk out there on the web, a lot of sad and bad and mean and horrible, but there’s a lot of good too.  Let’s all share the good.




We’ve been fighting the good (ack!) fight: a mobile toddler in a real bed, who would rather do anything but go to sleep at night.  We’ve tried being really stern, tried closing the door, opening the door, offering bribes, giving him an owl light he gets to keep if he stays in his room (he now brings it out, turns it off, and puts it away…), snuggling, not snuggling, letting him cry, ignoring him, the Super Nanny method (maybe I don’t have the patience for that one yet, the stubborn bugger), but it continues to be a fight weeks after we started.  He’s a very active 33-month-old who would love to stay up late and sleep in (maybe, or get up at 5:45 because “It’s a little morning outside!”), just like his daddy.

One night purely by chance I put him in bed, turned my back on him and stood there, and he was silent.  No complaints, no whining, no getting out of bed.  Success!  But part of me was sooooo not interested in waiting with him until he falls asleep because people! I have things to do after he goes to bed!  Back to the above list of Stuff That Isn’t Working until I gave in and sat with him one evening last week, when it only took an HOUR for him to fall asleep.  Maybe less, but that’s what it felt like.  Fast forward to two nights ago when I decided Okay, I’m tired of the fight – the anger the tears the tantrums (often mine) – I’m going to embrace his desire to have me sitting there in the room with him AND do something for myself, so I grabbed a sketch pad and some pens and started doodling the letter A, inspired by this, and my need to do something creative (please Universe, now that I have a studio but I’m again too tired after above said trials to enjoy…!).

A sketchesWell, it worked.  After a few inquiries (“What you doing, momma?”), and having to put the owl light by me so he would stop playing, he went peacefully to sleep.  Worked again last night, too.  He still wakes up in middle of the night and comes upstairs to find me, but one battle at a time, please.  Considering I could barely see owl light, the light of day revealed some fun letter forms develop more fully – yay!!  Tonight I’ll play with C’s (must remember to skip a page if I use Sharpie again).

B sketchesEventually I’ll have an Abecedary under my belt.  Hooray for multi-tasking!

If you have any toddler-to-bed tips, or lettering tips, please pass them on.  = )



Time Flies in 3 Weeks

Us at 33 months

I’m not sure what time warp I’ve been in that allowed 3 weeks to pass without posting (Instagram, I’m looking at you), but wow.

Hi!  I miss you!Wild iris crop

I’ve been walking, snapping the occasional photo (bumper crop of wild iris this year like whoa), putting my studio back together, falling off the wagon of healthy eating and climbing back on again (hard to fit on there sometimes around the chocolate, but I try), and fighting with a 2-year-old about who gets to set bedtime.  More on that later this week.

Crazy hair

We’ve been on a playground tour to find the best slides and playgrounds in the area (and run off some energy on a weekend, please, oh please don’t give up your nap yet!), which has been fun but he doesn’t like the super-fast, super-wide 30-foot slide that’s closest to home.  Not yet, anyway.

30 foot slide

This was before he went down the first time (“Yah!  Slide!!”).  Daddy took him again but that was enough for sure.  Do you know a lot of playgrounds now have these big net sphere things for kids to crawl on/over/through – see upper right – that are darn hard to get through as an adult?  And that’s safer than a tire swing?

Writing his name

We’ve also been playing with chalk in the evening, drawing letters and shapes and “Momma, a jellyfish!”  Evenings are tough for me – I feel like it’s a mad rush to get home, get some play in, get some dinner eaten, and get him to bed at a reasonable time to get him enough sleep to start again at 6:00 the next morning.  Let me tell you, sleep is a hot commodity these days.

Silver linings

But there’s always a silver lining – the love in my household is strong and real and makes everything else fall by the wayside.  Can’t beat that for anything.

What have you been up to these past few weeks?



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