Happy Earth Day

lilac path

There are days I hate the commute, the 40-60 minute drive each way to daycare/work, then home again in the evening when I’m tired and other drivers are tired, and we’re all a little grumpy.  I remember the days of living closer in, having a shorter drive even though the same grumpy drivers shared the road…

Plum done

Then I think about how much I love my home, love living in a place where the loudest sound on a Friday night is the frogs croaking, the very distant barking of a neighbor’s dog (or yip and howl of coyotes), and maybe a plane flying waaay overhead.  Where the lizards sun themselves on the rock wall and our driveway; where tiny snails leave trails on the sidewalk, chipmunks taunt the dog from the rocks, hawks and eagles fly overhead, too many birds to count visit on a daily basis, and the owls hoot in the trees at night; where a small herd of deer cross our lawn and stop to stare at us through the windows.

Tiny snail

Sure, we have a lot of bugs but we get to have lots of trees and native wildflowers and all sorts of wildlife too.

Wild iris 2015

The convenience of a shorter drive is so deeply eclipsed by living closer to Mother Nature.

Sunset 4.9.15

Happy Earth Day, friends.  Let’s take care of our planet and each other today, shall we?  xoxo



Happy Friday!

Here’s what 5 minutes of bliss looks like:

Morning dogwoodBehind a dogwooddogwood extreme

If I were a fairy, I’d live in a pink dogwood tree, at least in the Spring season…okay, only when the flowers are blooming.  Good thing I look good in pink.  = )

Happy Friday!


9 mo crop 2

Almost 2 years ago we sat in the front yard when it wasn’t quite warm enough to enjoy, for “9-month” pictures.  I loved this orange top.  His pants were too short.  I forget how little hair he had, and how cute the pudge was, and that he would curl his toes in when he sat.

32 months

Last weekend while out running errands, grocery shopping, and living the weekend life, I decided an iced latte was a good idea.  We pulled up to Human Bean, which Forrest recognized as where we had a “juice!” smoothie probably the weekend before, so I ordered a little one for him.  Wearing his orange cape from Grandma, with his balloon from Fred’s and now a “juice!,” this kid was happy as a clam.  I told him to dink his juice slowly, “or my head hurts!” he said.  Yup.  My heart was bursting wide open.

A couple days ago we were driving home, close to Human Bean, and Forrest said, “Momma, you want a coffee?  I want a juice?”

“No, I’m good sweetie.”

“You want a coffee?”

“No, thank you.  Not right now.”

“I want a juice?”

“No, night tonight.”

“I want a juice!”

“I know you do sweetie but juice is a treat.”


“I want a treat?”

(I had to choke back a laugh, smart kid)

“No, not this time sweetie.  If we get it all the time it’s not a treat.”

(big pause)

“Oh.  Otay.”


Gosh I love this kid.  Can’t wait to see what the next 2 years brings.  = )



Wordless Wednesday

Mushroom town Trillium 2015 Woodpecker tree



Little birthday orchid

“Alas, the wasted potential” is the really dramatic way of stating I have a lot of supplies I’ve never used, and it’s a crime.  A crime, I say!  Evidence in point –

  • Paper making supplies – frame, felts, instructions
  • Marbling supplies – inks, instructions
  • Printmaking supplies – I have a press.  A press!  I’ve had it for years now and used it one time, for a series of 10 or so prints.
  • A cropadile.  Totally forgot about this one.
  • Needle felting – roving, needles, couch, instructions.
  • Metal stamping – bench, letters, hammer, metal
  • Crepe Paper – for making paper flowers like these.  And these.
  • Yarn.  Not a true knitter’s stash, but more than I should have considering I usually only knit scarves, and only during a blue moon.
  • Fabric.  Several tubs.  One for someday belly dance clothes.  One full of totally impractical asian-print brocades (this one weighs a TON) that are iffy to sew and difficult to wash.  One containing massive yardage of red and plaid flannel that I’ve toted around through … 4 moves? intending to make a fairy tale cloak out of that someday, unless I just make crib sheets instead.  One full of stuff that called my name.  One full of odds and ends and scraps and interfacing and what-all…

The only recourse I have to remedy the waste, the neglect, the sad crime of it all is to start 39 Projects!  I mentioned in my Hey I’m 39 birthday post that I plan to do 39 projects over the course of this year, and document them here of course, so what better way to start than take a look at my list of under appreciated tools and materials and START!

Here’s my list, in no particular order; it’s not set in stone so if something else catches my fancy I’ll replace one of these without blinking.  = )

  1. Make a bunch of crepe paper daffodils.
  2. Marble paper.  With my marbling kit, and with nail polish.
  3. Create a mixed media pendant to wear, using materials from one of my Magic Jars of Goodies.
  4. Create a circular weaving.
  5. Create a crane mobile.
  6. Needle felt a ???  Not sure what to try first!
  7. Use my fabric stash to make a travel tote that will hold the iPad, a sketchpad, camera and chargers, and a small stock of supplies.
  8. Make a mini book using my sunrise/sunset photos.
  9. Knit a cowl for myself.
  10. Knit a vest.  Or a cardigan if I get really ambitious.
  11. Paint a watercolor picture – ref all of my flower photos for source.
  12. Finish my SIBC project.
  13. Put art up in Forrest’s new big-boy room.
  14. Print an edition of 10 feather collographs.  Use some gold leaf too?
  15. Make a pair of mixed media earrings using wood.
  16. Make paper!  With my kit!
  17. Pull an old print and create a new piece of art with it.  I know this is open-ended, but I don’t want to put boundaries on it.
  18. Use nail polish to “enamel” a pendant.
  19. Draw 3 faces, any medium.
  20. Weave a wall hanging with fabric scraps & yarn.
  21. Make a pincushion.
  22. Finish 1 of the stuffed origami cranes.  Totally finished and embellished.
  23. Make a pillow cover for my extra insert – quilted?
  24. Sew a skirt.  Or alter one I’m not wearing.
  25. Take macro photos of my Underwood typewriter.
  26. Create a mini book using those photos.
  27. Paint a wall in our bedroom.
  28. Make a headboard for our bed.  And a bedskirt.
  29. Metal-stamp jewelry: Love, Peace, Joy, Get Your Butt Moving…
  30. Vanuatu stamp art – large-scale.  Subtle colors.  For Lake Oswego show in June?
  31. Make a book out of an old print in my stash.
  32. Make a tunnel book.  Nature themed.
  33. Make 3 mini-book pendants.  Things I would want to wear.
  34. Finish Matt’s bighorn sheep drawing.
  35. Paint a pin-up girl.  Use Grandma’s old patterns.
  36. Make a bookboard box to store my collection of little found bones.
  37. Make a paper and bead statement necklace (inspired by Alisa’s)
  38. Finish my Larger Than Life painting/wall hanging, or at the very least put some work in on it!
  39. BREATHE.

Birthday orchid


Here’s to 39

39 years old

Today I’m 39.  It feels much like 38, really.  Luckily it wasn’t like 37.  (Note to future 40-year-old self: tap to focus on the face, not the hand…or maybe not.  Maybe the soft focus is better… = )

This morning I forgot to put mousse on half my hair (actually I think I moussed the other half twice…), resulting in super-frizz craziness that I barely saved with quick thinking, no mean accomplishment at 5:45am.  I’m wearing the skinny jeans I never thought I would wear (but really like), a too-casual-but-don’t-care t-shirt that expresses exactly what I want in my days, my birthday necklace from last year and my current favorite pair of earrings (from WhisperedTruths, they say “Free Yourself” and “Dance Into the Wind”  The purple Soar necklace is definitely on my wish list), my favorite pair of turquoise/teal kitten heels, and a Cuties sticker on my hand.

I spent much of 38 waiting and floundering and wondering what to do next because I so expected, all year, to be pregnant again and on that road.  But that didn’t happen.  I also realized with the new year that I’d lost touch with my inner child, my magical side, my believer in whimsy – so I chose the word Allow to bring it all back.  And I gifted myself with an Angel Reading by Kayla that was pure awesomeness.  So good.  Last year’s word was Abundance, chosen to encourage the whole get-pregnant thing, but it actually manifested in financial abundance and the lessening of stress and worry that goes with that.  I’m eager to see what I can manifest with Allow this year.

In late January I got tired of feeling grumpy and achy and tired all the time so I started exercising and really paying attention to the foods going in my mouth.  I’m happy to say I walk at lunch 3 times a week and try to fit in at least one day on the weekend; I’ve really been enjoying stretching to yoga music a couple nights a week for relaxation and to get rid of the stiff and achies; and I finally found a bellydance class that fits my schedule so that’s happening for the next 8 weeks of Thursday-night bliss.  Total bliss.  Instead of a file drawer full of chips and crackers and junk, I keep nuts and seeds, and plenty of veggies in the fridge at work.  I still have chocolate or the occasional gummy candy, but the difference in my energy levels is huge.  And I’m eating more fats than I have in my life (avocado, seeds and nuts and their yummy butters on apples and spoons and toast), drinking whole-milk lattes on occasion, and otherwise trying to choose good, real foods over filler.  I don’t think I need to do a full Whole30 experiment, but reading about it has influenced my choices lately.

I’m also working to find and take back my creativity, my need to make and create and play.  We’ll be moving Forrest into his big-boy room soon, like next week, which means I’ll have my studio back.  This makes my heart jump for joy every time I think about it.  It’s not like I haven’t had other places in the house I could work, but I need a place for ME again, to live my best messy, creative, leave-a-pile-and-not-worry-about-it self.  And since I’ve been so inspired lately following Elise’s birthday projects, I’m going to choose 39 projects I’d like to accomplish this year, for me and maybe for gifts and likely to give away too.  I’ll post those early next week.

Jumping for joy.

Have you ever realized you weren’t really happy, despite all the external signs that said you should be?  I was there.  Deeper than I realized.  And I didn’t like it.  So I’m taking my life back.

It feels sooooo good to take my life back.

Here’s to 39!  Cheers!


By the street fullTouching the skypopcorn clustersBudding bloomsPlum perfectIn the whitePretty in pink




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